Martín Demichelis’ pressure facing Temperley: “River always has to pass”

Martín Demichelis’ pressure facing Temperley: “River always has to pass”

Coach “Millonario” was happy with the team’s performance at the beginning of the tournament with two goals, but he immediately put his joy aside to look at the next match for the Argentine Cup.


Thanks for the resounding victory against Belgranothe coach of River, Martín Demichelis, He was more than satisfied with the team’s start in the tournament: “Happy to have played a very complete match, from start to finish, in which we managed the positions very well. Any coach enjoys when the team is precise, not rushed, when you have to move and know how and when to attack. I really enjoyed how the boys started and finished. I think we could have converted some more of the situations we had. “They all finished healthy, we scored three goals again, Franco Armani finished with a clean sheet… We have started the tournament well.”

Demichelis He referred to the overwhelming record of efficiency that his team has at the Monumental stadium: “When there is a synergy between the fans and the team, everything flows. This is an institutional achievement of River. From the engineer who works to make the grass well even the player who gives the pass to the net. I hope that we all continue to enjoy this great strength. Let the rivals know that when they come here it will not be easy But they cannot require us to score three goals per game, that is Argentine football. difficult and all the teams are competitive.

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Martín Demichelis spoke after the win over Belgrano. He highlighted the team’s performance and played Tuesday’s match against Temperley for the Argentine Cup.


look to the future

The next meeting of River It will be next Tuesday when I face Temperley at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza, for the 16th round. from the end of the Argentine Cup and the coach declared: “We have the responsibility to improve what we did last year in the Argentine Cup. Against Temperley we have the obligation to pass. “We will put the best we have available on the field.”.

Demichelis added: “At the beginning of the week, I told the players that in seven days we had three games from three different competitions and when that’s the case, the mental factor comes into play a lot.. “We have qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, we played another game and on Tuesday in Mendoza we hope to take another step.”


When asked about always maintaining the rear made up of Leandro González Pirez and Paulo DiazDemichelis was categorical: “If I put Sebastián Boselli or David Martínez, there were going to be two changes of four in defense and it was going to be a lot. It was proven that the more we play, things have not turned out as well as I intend.. “I decided to let Milton (Casco) rest after playing two very good complete games and not playing.”.

And he sentenced: “The River player has to feel important only by being in the institution, then I cannot accommodate everyone. Anyone who is on the professional team can play, I will make the rotations that I consider necessary if we need it. I cannot guarantee no one how many changes we will be making every time we play”.

Later, when asked about the International Super Cup that Talleres have yet to play, he slipped: “The organization of the tournaments does not depend on us.”

In closing on the match, he commented: “It is important that the forwards convert, but today Borja, Despite not having scored a goal, he played a very important game from the effort and supporting a number of attacks very well. I loved it”

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