Jürgen Klopp: The folk hero says goodbye to Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp: The folk hero says goodbye to Liverpool

At the beginning there was a sentence: “I am the normal one”. In October 2015, Jürgen Klopp introduced himself to the press and fans as the new coach of Liverpool FC. It is the sentence that went around the world, but two other sentences from the press conference have almost been forgotten. Klopp asked for patience and promised the fans a title within four years – and should keep the promise. In 2019 he won the Champions League with Liverpool, and the following year his first championship in 30 years.

Another sentence from that press conference is something he already said in Dortmund. “It’s not so important what people think when you start your job. It’s much more important what people think when you leave the club.” Eight and a half years later, Klopp leaves Liverpool – and leaves behind a legacy.

Jürgen Klopp: “I love everything about this club”

There are not only eight titles that Klopp won with Liverpool, but also a deep connection with the fans. “I love everything about this club, I love everything about this city, I love everything about our fans,” says a very emotional farewell video that Klopp shared on his Instagram account, which was only created on Saturday. He doesn’t just feel at home in Liverpool, he feels at home there. “It’s difficult to say goodbye, but let’s remember the good times. I’ll remember them. Forever,” explains Klopp.

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