At the beginning of the second half, Chacarita and Racing (Cba) tied 1-1

At the beginning of the second half, Chacarita and Racing (Cba) tied 1-1

The second 45 minutes are already played at the Chacarita Juniors stadium and Chacarita still does not take advantage of La Academia.

Both teams come to the match with the intention of recovering after losing their chance to climb the standings the previous day.

Chacarita does not want to regret another fall: his match against Patronato ended 0 to 2. In the previous 4 rounds, their results were varied: they have won 2 matches, lost 1 and 1 was a draw. He was able to score 6 goals and has conceded 5.

Racing (Cba) has just lost in its stadium against Estudiantes (BA) by 0 to 1. In its last matches it had 1 victory, 1 defeat and 2 draws, in which it was able to score 2 goals in the rival goal and they have conceded 4 so many.

The referee designated for the match was Bruno Amiconi.

Chacarita formation today

The team led by Aníbal Biggeri plans its game with a 4-5-1 formation with Federico Losas in goal; Tobías Fernández, Tomás Onetto, Federico Laurelli and Nicolás Cháves in defense; Luciano Perdomo, Nicolás Watson, Maximiliano Meléndez, Matías Pisano and Claudio Pombo in the middle; and Rodrigo Salinas up front.

Racing formation (Cba) today

For their part, those led by Juan Olave stand on the field with a 4-4-2 strategy with Joaquín Mattalía defending the goal; Gonzalo Rostagno, Facundo Rivero, Wilfredo Olivera, Fernando González at the back; Alan Olinick, Nicolás Sánchez, Axel Oyola and Leandro Fernández in the center of the field; and with Matías Pardo and Bruno Nasta in the attack.

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