No goals, Def. Unidos and Dep. Madryn equalized the match

No goals, Def.  Unidos and Dep. Madryn equalized the match

D. Unidos and Dep. Madryn failed to open the scoring and the match corresponding to date 16 of Argentina – First National Championship 2024 ended in a draw.

Mauricio Aquino had a great performance. The goalkeeper of Def. Unidos was the protagonist against Dep. Madryn.

Another player who had a great game was Yair Bonnin. The Dep. Madryn goalkeeper was the protagonist against Def. Joined.

The match had several reprimands: Matías Mariatti, Facundo Ardiles, Brian Ferreyra and Brian Guerra. Fabricio Henricot was sent off for a straight red card (41′, 1T) and Franco Lonardi for a straight red card (7′, 2T).

The coach of D. Unidos, Ángel Darío Lema, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Fabricio Henricot in goal; Juan Cruz Ponce de León, Matías Contreras, Matías Mariatti and Luis Olivera on the defensive line; Matías Nizzo, Martín Peralta, Franco Sivetti and Brian Guerra in the middle; and Jonathan Suárez and Javier Velázquez in the attack.

For its part, Leandro Gracián’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Yair Bonnin between the three sticks; Facundo Ardiles, Pablo Calderón, Jorge Zules Caicedo and Alan Moreno in defense; Mauro Peinipil, Federico Recalde, Diego Crego and Nicolás Sánchez in the midfield; and Diego Diellos and Brian Ferreyra up front.

Gastón Monsón Brizuela was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, D. Unidos will face Agropecuario Argentino as a visitor, while Dep. Madryn will play as a visitor against Atlanta.

Changes in Def. Joined
  • 10′ 1T – Franco Nicolás Sivetti left for Nicolás Cavagnero
  • 45′ 1T – Martín Nicolás Peralta left for Mauricio Aquino, Jorge Raúl Zules Caicedo for Mauricio Mansilla and Alan Ezequiel Moreno for Hernán Zuliani
  • 82′ 2T – Javier Rubén Velázquez left for Kevin Mathías Fernández Argüello, Brian Kevin Emmanuel Guerra for Rodrigo Hernandez and Jonathan Suárez Cortes for Franco Caballero
Changes in Dep. Madryn
  • 63′ 2T – Facundo Ardiles left for Enzo Ariel Arreguín
  • 64′ 2T – Brian Nicolás Ferreyra left for Jonatan Palacio
  • 81′ 2T – Diego Crego came out for Bruno Pérez

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