San Martín (SJ) sentenced All Boys with a 3-0 win

San Martín (SJ) sentenced All Boys with a 3-0 win

On date 16 of Argentina – First National Championship 2024, S. Martín SJ added three with the resounding 3-0 victory against All Boys. Tomás Fernández (6′ 1PT) had it first, with a shot that ended up in the back of the net. Then there was a goal from a play by Rodrigo Cáseres when 27 minutes into the second half. San Martín (SJ) went for more and 30 minutes into the same half they got the third from the hand of Alejandro Molina, who took charge of the ball to score a goal from a play.

Alejandro Molina had a great performance. The defender from San Martín (SJ) was important by scoring 1 goal.

The defensive presence Rodrigo Cáseres was notable in the game. The defender from San Martín (SJ) was important by scoring 1 goal.

There were 3 cautions in the match: Santiago Gallucci Otero, Franco Toloza and Jonathan Ferrari.

The coach of S. Martín SJ, Raúl Antuña, presented a 4-3-3 tactical layout with Matías Borgogno in goal; Alejandro Molina, Rodrigo Cáseres, Agustín Sienra and Ian Pérez on the defensive line; Santiago López García, Nicolás Pelaitay and Maximiliano Gutiérrez in the middle; and Tomás Fernández, Luciano Riveros and Sebastián González in the attack.

For its part, César Monasterio’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Lisandro Miter between the three sticks; Juan Carlos Salas, Alejo Tabares, Jonathan Ferrari and Tobias Bovone in defense; Alexis Melo, Santiago Gallucci Otero, Thiago Calone and Santiago Patroni in the midfield; and Agustín Gallo and Diego Guallama up front.

Lucas Cavallero was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, S. Martín SJ will face Tristán Suárez as a visitor, while All Boys will play as a visitor against G. Brown (Madryn).

Changes in Saint Martin (SJ)
  • 57′ 2T – Luciano Riveros left for Ezequiel Montagna
  • 76′ 2T – Maximiliano Ezequiel Gutiérrez left for Maximiliano Casa
Changes in All Boys
  • 60′ 2T – Diego Guallama left for Franco Adrián Toloza and Santiago Patroni for Tomás Assennato
  • 72′ 2T – Alexis Melo left for Ariel Torres
  • 84′ 2T – Santiago Alejandro Gallucci Otero left for Santiago Cáceres, Juan Carlos Salas for Santiago Rodríguez, Sebastián González for Gino Olguín and Aldo Tomás Luján Fernández for Federico Rafael González

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