Who is Victoria Tanco, the Argentine golfer who promised to be a star and left the sport to dedicate herself to religion

Who is Victoria Tanco, the Argentine golfer who promised to be a star and left the sport to dedicate herself to religion

Life’s paths can have some turbulence. Over time, new stories are learned that leave a lesson: no matter how great someone’s momentary success is, everything can change. Today’s protagonist is called Victoria Tanco, a former golfer who won some trophies at a very young age and she carried on her back the weight of not disappointing anyone, and above all, herself.

Born in Buenos Aires on February 25, 1994, she began playing golf from the age of 6, as a result of her parents’ desire for their daughter to practice some sport. From the beginning, Tanco showed an innate talent for golf. At seven years old, she was already winning children’s tournaments, and at ten she got a handicap and was present at the Argentine Ladies Open where he surprised everyone with his performance and his age.


Continuing with his personal achievements, Tanco won his first international tournament in the United States at age 11 and reached number one in the American Junior ranking at 14. Always in the amateur field, Victoria represented the Argentine Golf Association winning some South American tournaments and participating in the Amateur World Cup. Likewise, the former golfer was a medalist in the ODESUR Games 2014 (bronze) and when he was 17 years old he already had four participations in the Us Open.

However, plans changed drastically for what was a great promise in national sports. Years of success and recognition were followed by a challenging transition period when Tanco decided to make the jump to professional golf. Despite his efforts and talent, he struggled to find his place in the competitive world of elite sport, but the pressures and frustrations did not help the process.

“It happened to me that success in this sport came to me from a very young age, golf was me. I felt that golf and Victoria were synonymous and my only purpose in life was to play. And it became very difficult for me to move forward when I didn’t It started to go well for me,” commented the former golfer in an interview for La Nación.

In addition, Tanco recognized that the process in which she tried to become a professional was affected since her parents, fundamental pillars in the short career of the young promise, were not able to accompany her as much in the tournaments.

Likewise, he also recognized what he would change if he had to start his career from scratch: “My mood and emotions depended on how I did in tournaments, then it became very difficult for me to separate the person from the game. If I started again, I would change one concept: it doesn’t really matter how I do on the court, I am still the same and it doesn’t matter how successful I am. The person matters, not the trophies.” In 2017, after having had a promising career in his childhood and adolescence, Tanco decided to leave the sport to be able to focus on another area.

The story of Victoria Tanco, from golfer to the Mosaic Church

Once she was away from the long fields meticulously maintained with flags and holes, Tanco chose a very different path from the one she had been following: faith in Christ. Since her farewell to the sport, Victoria dedicated herself to attend Mosaic Church, a church located in Orlando.

Within religious life, Tanco decided to participate in numerous activities within the church: “I go twice: on Sundays and another day I lead a group of thirteen-year-old girls. Being part of this church and becoming a Christian changed me in many ways. “I can feel the love and acceptance of the brothers and sisters in this community for who I am.

Luckily for her, Victoria Tanco’s golf retirement experience was not as traumatic as it is for many athletes who decide to abandon a life of dedication and sacrifice. Some former athletes go through a long grief where it is often difficult for them to think about what to continue or do. However, she quickly found her way away from the golf courses: “I have peace in my heart and my purpose, now, is to expand the Kingdom of God.”

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