Bundesliga: Coach with Pep DNA: Bayern’s bold plan with Kompany

Bundesliga: Coach with Pep DNA: Bayern’s bold plan with Kompany

Will FC Bayern’s search for a coach end with a surprise? Vincent Kompany, a Guardiola student, is set to become Tuchel’s successor. It would be an exciting and also risky experiment.

The best comes last? The best solution at FC Bayern announced after several failed attempts by sports director Max Eberl could be a surprising coaching newcomer in former Bundesliga professional Vincent Kompany.

With the 38-year-old Belgian from Premier League relegated club Burnley, the Munich bosses would be taking a very brave but also innovative path on their hot seat, especially after the first titleless season since 2012. And that before a season at the end of which the Champions League final will take place in the Allianz Arena.

The pressure and expectations for the successor to Thomas Tuchel, who was replaced after just 14 months, could hardly be greater – and of course also for Eberl and Co. According to reliable sources from England and Belgium, there is already a “verbal agreement” between Bayern and Kompany, the young, inexperienced coach with Pep Guardiola DNA. German media followed suit on Thursday with similar information, while the Munich decision-makers remained silent. At Säbener Strasse, it was only announced that the partnership with the “Paulaner Brewery” had been extended for the long term.

Eberl: “We will find a coach”

The cheers to Kompany still had to wait. After the rejections from Leverkusen’s master coach Xabi Alonso to national coach Julian Nagelsmann to the Austrian national coach Ralf Rangnick, who was already believed to be safe, the diverse group of Munich bosses is currently exercising more public restraint. Eberl is the mouthpiece, assisted by sports director Christoph Freund. But neither of them ever commented on names. The burnt duo also recently didn’t want to specify any schedules, beginning in April and then May.

After the disappointing end to the season against Hoffenheim (2:4), Eberl admitted that he was “most disappointed” about the unsuccessful search for a coach. In addition to the snappy saying (“The best comes last”), the 50-year-old promised the impatiently waiting players and fans: “We will find a coach, I am 100 percent sure of that.”

Matthew: “If you are convinced of him…”

Is it Kompany? “If you are convinced of him as a coach, then you should finally let him sign and take him,” said record national player Lothar Matthäus as a TV expert on RTL. Time is pressing, says the former Bayern captain: “You have to present your coach as quickly as possible in order to push forward with the planning.”

The Belgian would no longer be considered a candidate and a 1a solution. However, the label of emergency solution could not matter to the ex-national player and HSV professional (2006 to 2008), who enjoyed his most successful time as a professional from 2008 to 2019 at Manchester City with several championship titles. For Kompany it would be a huge opportunity that he should take advantage of. He is considered an energetic, inspiring coach. And at 1.90 meters he has a good stature.

Guardiola’s praise and prophecy

Kompany earned his first merits at Belgian record champions RSC Anderlecht, where he even started as a player-coach in 2019. He returned to England for the 2022/23 season and took over Burnley FC as a Premier League relegated team. They were promoted straight away, but were also relegated again last season with just 24 points.

But that wasn’t blamed on Kompany. The squad was too weak. And he wasn’t fired. Rather, Kompany is under contract until 2028. Bayern are supposed to negotiate the release with club owner Alan Pace (56), for which a million-dollar fee would be due, as was the case with Nagelsmann’s signing from RB Leipzig.

Kompany would be a great Bayern experiment, one with a Guardiola student. Dominant football with compact defending – that’s what Kompany wants. The Munich team has not been a stronghold in defence for a long time. Kompany also speaks several languages, including German. The central defender served as captain at Man City under Guardiola and as the extended arm of the former Munich star coach.

“I like what he does,” the Catalan said favorably of Kompany’s work at Burnley. “I have the feeling he will end up at Manchester. He is already a great manager,” Guardiola, known for his enthusiasm, said earlier this year.

What do supervisory board members Hoeneß and Rummenigge think?

The next Kompany station could now be Munich. Eberl and friend finally have to report enforcement. Possible sales candidates, but also potential newcomers such as national player Chris Führich from VfB Stuttgart want to know who their boss will be.

The supervisory board around Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge must agree to a coaching commitment. What do you think? “I can’t imagine that all the bosses at Bayern Munich are convinced by Kompany,” said Matthäus skeptically. When he said goodbye, Tuchel called for more unity: “Then you do it together and have to go through thick and thin because there are always troughs.”

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