These are the 10 richest clubs in the world, according to Forbes

These are the 10 richest clubs in the world, according to Forbes

The world of soccer It not only stands out for the passion it arouses in millions of fans, but also for the enormous economic value generated by its most important clubs. Every year, the Forbes magazine publishes its list with most valuable soccer teams in the world, taking into account factors such as revenue, profits, stadium value and brand.

With a value of 6.6 billion dollars, Forbes magazine points out in its annual report that the club real Madrid was able to achieve a 9% increase in its value compared to last year. Thus, it is positioned as the club with the highest income in the world.

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Real Madrid beat Barcelona and takes the title

The 10 richest clubs in the world

  1. real Madrid: 6.6 billion euros
  2. Manchester United: 6.5 billion euros
  3. Barcelona: 5.6 billion euros
  4. Liverpool: 5,370 million euros
  5. Manchester City: 5.1 billion euros
  6. Bayern Munich: 5,000 million euros
  7. Paris Saint-Germain: 4.4 billion euros
  8. Tottenham: 3.2 billion euros
  9. Chelsea: 3.1 billion euros
  10. Arsenal: 2.6 billion euros

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