Hard blow for Marcelo Gallardo: Juan Berros, his historic representative, died

Hard blow for Marcelo Gallardo: Juan Berros, his historic representative, died

Juan Berros, 70 years old, accompanied Marcelo Gallardo in his stages as a soccer player and as a coach. The DT returns urgently from Saudi Arabia.

Just before coaching his last game in Al Ittihadof Saudi Arabia, Marcelo Gallardo received sad news: the death of his historic representative, both from his time as a player and as a coach: Juan Berros70 years old, who was in Rosario, his birthplace.

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With a saddened expression, “Muñeco” sat on the substitute bench at the stadium. Al NassrThe team of Cristiano Ronaldo, who won 4-2, with two goals and a CR7 record, in a match for the last date of the Pro League in Saudi Arabia. During the weekend, Juan Berros He felt various discomforts and this morning he was accompanied by his son to a sanatorium, where he died around 11.

Juan Berros used to define himself as the “lawyer” of Marcelo Gallardo, more than as his representative. He was a journalist and covered soccer issues in the magazine El Grafico. He was also a representative of Ariel Ortega and currently it was the technical director Eduardo Dominguez.

A lifelong bond for Marcelo Gallardo

The relationship between Marcelo Gallardo and Juan Berros It started when “Muñeco” was 16 years old. At that time, Antonio Caliendo was the representative and Juan Berros the lawyer. In the book “Gallardo Monumental”, written by Diego Borinsky, Juan Berros responded about his extensive relationship with River’s former technical director: “At that time it was not unusual to keep the same representative for so many years. There was more loyalty and respect. “About a hundred guys must have gone to Marcelo to offer their representation services.”

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His relationship with Marcelo Gallardo It went beyond the professional, it was based on affection and mutual trust. Rodolfo D’Onofrio He publicly sent his condolences and remembered him as “a tough negotiator.” In his last stage at River, “Muñeco” was the highest paid coach in Argentina, with a European-level salary. And according to the Saudi press, he is the second highest-paid technical director in the world. On that list, he would be placed behind Diego Simeonein Atlético de Madrid.

After the defeat against Al Nassr, Marcelo Gallardo He did not give a press conference and in the next few hours he would be traveling to Argentina to attend the funeral of Juan Berros.

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