“Kily” González revealed his talk with Di María: “He is dying to wear the Central shirt”

“Kily” González revealed his talk with Di María: “He is dying to wear the Central shirt”

The current Unión coach, with a very strong bond with the parties involved, was cautious, but made it visible that “Fideo’s” desire to return to the club of his loves is latent.


While Central Rosary keeps alive the flame of being able to repatriate Ángel Di María, a historic and club reference like Cristian “Kily” González added more fuel to the fire to feed the bonfire of hope.

The current Unión coach revealed details of his last talk with Say Mariawho ends his contract with Benfica and has not yet defined his future for next season.

“I have a very special relationship with Ángel. Until today I spoke with him. It is not to sell smoke, but it is real. There is one thing that must be understood first. It is as Miguel Ángel Russo says: they are personal decisions. It is clear that my desire as a Central fan and all the people of Central want Angelito to wear the shirt. “He wants that too.”launched the coach, who was Fideo’s teammate in his early days at Canalla.

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Cristian “Kily” González spoke about the possible return of Angel Di María to Argentine football. “He’s dying to wear the Central shirt,” said the current Union coach.


“The madness that we unfortunately experience in our country makes us rethink decision-making“, he explained in dialogue with ESPN and emphasized the intimidation he received ‘Noodle’ when talk began about his possible return.

“As I always tell him, I am going to support and accompany him in the decision he makes because above all he has his family and his trusted people. As long as he and his family are happy, I will be happy too, but at the same time “No one has any doubt that he is dying to wear the Central shirt. It is the dream he has had since he left and I hope, God willing, that he can fulfill it.”assured Kily.

The contract of Say Maria with Benfica ends on June 30 and the Portuguese club still hopes to extend it for one more season. Meanwhile, Several clubs around the world have him in their portfolio and Fideo is preparing for his last role in the Argentine National Team.

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