The Argentine who saved for Real Madrid, participated in a Copa América and now became an agricultural producer

The Argentine who saved for Real Madrid, participated in a Copa América and now became an agricultural producer

They say archers are crazy; However, today’s protagonist always stood out for being a calm and low-profile person. Albano Benjamín Bizzari, the goalkeeper who left Racingmade a save at Real Madrid and was even summoned at the Argentine National Teamhad a great time in European football where he spent almost his entire career.

Despite staying in Europe for 20 years, the player returned to his homeland to be able to attend to the businesses that he could not manage during his time as a player. Currently and at 46 years old, the former goalkeeper He retired not long ago.. The one born in Etruria on November 9, 1977 changed fields but did not abandon the green grass.

What was Albano Benjamín Bizzari’s football career like?

Albano Benjamín Bizzari made his professional debut at the age of 17 in a 6-0 defeat of Racing by Gimnasia in 1997. Despite not having the best debut of all, the young goalkeeper managed to stand out for two years in one of the greats of Argentine football , and then in 1999 he arrived at the biggest club of all: Real Madrid.

“I had a very nice time at Real Madrid, but I can’t say that I succeeded. I take away the experience of having been in that locker room and knowing how some world stars handle themselves. Entering the locker room and meeting with Roberto Carlos, Raúl, Hierro, Redondo, they make a very big impact on you. Afterwards, on a day-to-day basis and as the training progressed, little by little it became normal, but you realized that they had a lot of quality and were at a higher level,” commented the former goalkeeper in an interview for Olé.

Despite having had almost no opportunities in Madrid, Albano Bizzari was part of the team that won the 2000 Champions League, the first title of his career. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that in the same year that he arrived at Merengue (1999) Albano was cited by Marcelo “Loco” Bielsa to be part of the Argentine National Team that I dispute the Copa America 1999 held in Paraguay. In this competition he shared the squad with figures such as: Samuel, Ayala, Sorin, Zanetti, Simeone, Riquelme, Ortega, Aimar, Palermoamong others.


In so few years of his career, the young goalkeeper had achieved very important things. However, consistency in the clubs was not something so characteristic of Albano’s career.

From 2001 to 2019, the former goalkeeper played for countless clubs in Europe, mostly in Italy. Albano Bizzari defended the shirts of: Valladolid, Gimnàstic de Tarragona, Catania, Lazio, Genoa, Chievo Verona, Pescara, Udinese, Foggia and Perugia, his last club.

In 2019, playing for Perugia in Italy, he decided to hang up his gloves, leaving a career with a Champions League, an Italian Cup and Super Cup (with Lazio), participations in Racing, Real Madrid and the Argentine National Team. Although he was not recognized as a renowned goalkeeper at the time, it is more than likely that many who dream of being footballers would love to have this career.

What happened to the life of Albano Benjamín Bizzari after his retirement from football

Currently, Albano Bizarri dedicates himself to a completely different field than the one he dedicated himself to throughout his life. At 46 years old, he is dedicated to being agricultural producer in the fields in his hometown of Córdoba.

In an interview with Red Todo Agro Radio, Alabano said that he is very dedicated to his career as a country man: “Now I take care of my things, I am an agricultural producer in Etruria, I try to come and go, to be aware of everything. things. When I finished my degree I wanted to take care of that.. My brother is in charge of everything because my dad passed away several years ago. “I have a sister who lives in Córdoba and my mother in Etruria.”

And he detailed: “We are agricultural producers… wheat, soybeans, corn. Some sunflower. There are many people in the area who do it and it works very well. Agriculture in general terms has always taken steps forward. There are people who have tried to do things both in Pasco and in Ticino. In many towns there have been people who have founded factories or cereal plants that have worked well and are good for each town.”

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