Atlético Mineiro thrashes Caracas with authority by 4 to 0

Atlético Mineiro thrashes Caracas with authority by 4 to 0

Atl.Mineiro dominates the match and shows great effectiveness. At the Arena MRV stadium, Caracas loses 4 to 0 and Pedrinho (27′ 1T and 15′ 2T), Alisson Santana (39′ 1T) and Hulk (47′ 2T) are the authors of the overwhelming partial victory of the host team.

The teams come to this day with the hope of leaving behind their adverse results in the last games of the tournament and will look for their chance to add three.

Atlético Mineiro suffered a hard blow when they fell 0 to 2 on the last day against Peñarol. It is their only setback in recent times: in their 4 previous games they were always the winner. In them, he managed to score 10 goals and had 6 against.

Caracas has just lost against Rosario Central by 1 to 4. The visit does not come too well: they were defeated on 3 occasions and tied 1. They scored 3 goals and received 15.

Atl.Mineiro has already ensured its permanence in the Round of 16, while Caracas has already said goodbye to the CONMEBOL – Copa Libertadores 2024 tournament.

Referee Guillermo Guerrero Alcívar was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

Atlético Mineiro formation today

Strategist Gabriel Milito opted for a 4-3-3 formation with Éverson between the three sticks; Mariano, Bruno Fuchs, Rodrigo Battaglia and Guilherme Arana at the back; Matías Zaracho, Pedrinho and Gustavo Scarpa in the middle; and Alisson Santana, Cadu and Hulk as attackers.

Caracas formation today

For his part, coach Henry Meléndez proposed a 5-3-2 tactical scheme with Wuilker Faríñez in goal; Luis Casiani, Francisco La Mantia, Roger Manrique, Biannider Tamayo, Renné Rivas on the defensive line; Vicente Rodríguez, Blessing Essien and Bryant Ortega in midfield; and Danny Pérez and Ender Echenique up front.

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