Racing Club was forceful and beat Sportivo Luqueño 3-0

Racing Club was forceful and beat Sportivo Luqueño 3-0

At the La Fortaleza stadium, the Academy faced Sp.Luqueño and achieved a comfortable 3-0 victory on date 6 of group H of the CONMEBOL – Copa Sudamericana 2024 tournament. At 9 minutes into the first half, Adrián Martínez dazzled by capturing the ball and with an accurate header, scored the first for his team. In the 34th minute of the same stage, Maximiliano Salas added another goal after a play. Roger Martínez sealed the story in the 35th minute, converting from the penalty spot during the second half of the game.

A great play by the Academy, 34 minutes into the first half, was what moved the scoreboard thanks to Maximiliano Salas. With a cross from Juan Ignacio Nardoni, the forward connected with the ball in the large area and entered the back of the opponent’s goal.

Gustavo Costas’ team created danger with a shot from Marco Di Césare, 48 minutes into the second stage, which ended up hitting one of the posts.

Baltasar Rodríguez emerged as the most outstanding player of the match. The Racing Club midfielder made 22 correct passes and looked for the opponent’s goal with 2 shots.

Agustín García Basso stood out for his solid defense. The Racing Club defender had a good level for removing 2 balls and clearing 4 dangerous balls.

Racing Club midfielder Gastón Martirena humiliated his teammate by throwing a wonderful blow at 61 minutes into the second stage.

The game was interrupted due to the number of fouls committed by both teams. There were a large number of reprimands: Gabriel Rojas, Juan Ignacio Nardoni, Jorge Mendoza, Fernando Benítez, Marco Di Césare and Diego Vera.

Racing coach Gustavo Costas proposed a 3-4-3 formation with Gabriel Arias in goal; Marco Di Césare, Santiago Sosa and Agustín García Basso on the defensive line; Gastón Martirena, Baltasar Rodríguez, Juan Ignacio Nardoni and Gabriel Rojas in the middle; and Maximiliano Salas, Adrián Martínez and Johan Carbonero in the attack.

For its part, Julio César Cáceres’ team took the field with a 4-3-3 formation with Alfredo Aguilar between the three sticks; Sergio Otálvaro, Alexis Villalba, José Leguizamón and Diego Vera in defense; Rodrigo Rojas, Jorge Mendoza and Fernando Benítez in the midfield; and Nicolás Maná, Jorge Benítez and Lautaro Comas up front.

Referee Bismark Santiago Pitalua was in charge of supervising the game at the La Fortaleza stadium.

Racing Club consolidates itself at the top of Group H of CONMEBOL – Copa Sudamericana 2024, with 15 units, while Sportivo Luqueño is increasingly difficult in the last place in the table with 1 point.

Changes in Racing Club
  • 56′ 2T – Johan Stiven Carbonero Balanta left for Agustín José Urzi
  • 66′ 2T – Juan Ignacio Martín Nardoni left for Bruno Zuculini and Diego Roberto Vera Cabrera for Rodrigo Alborno Ortega
  • 77′ 2T – Maximiliano Nahuel Salas left for Santiago Germán Solari Ferreyra and Baltasar Gallego Rodríguez for Juan Fernando Quintero Paniagua
Changes in Sportivo Luqueño
  • 64′ 2T – Lautaro Comas left for Sergio Daniel Fretes Galeano
  • 65′ 2T – Jorge Daniel Benítez Guillén left for Marcelo Augusto Ferreira Bordón, Juan Rodrigo Rojas Ovelar for Diego Agustín Fernández Servin and Adrián Emmanuel Martínez for Roger Berkeley Martínez Tobinson
  • 81′ 2T – Nicolás Andrés Maná left for Diego Emmanuel Acosta Curtido

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