The trial for the death of Diego Maradona was postponed to October 1

The trial for the death of Diego Maradona was postponed to October 1

He oral and public trial for the death of Diego Armando Maradona was postponed to next October 1st and, for the moment, it will be carried out without the intervention of a popular jury. This was resolved late on Tuesday by the members of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 3 of San Isidro, in charge of holding the debate.

In addition, the court, made up of judges Maximiliano Savarino, Verónica Di Tommaso and Julieta Makintach ordered, rejection the transfer of Maradona’s remains towards a mausoleum located in Madero Portcalled “Memorial of Ten”.

“It is appropriate – for the moment – not to give rise to what is requested by the affected individuals, taking into account the well-founded opposition on the part of the Private Defenders, the reasons given being reasonable, with a view to not violating the right to defense in court and not frustrate possible measures that may be required,” the resolution states.

The trial for Maradona’s death was postponed: the reasons

The postponement of the trial, which was scheduled to begin June 4had been formally requested by Dalma and Gianina Maradonathrough his lawyers in the case, Fernando Burlando and Fabián Améndola.

dalma and giannina maradona.jpg

Dalma and Gianina Maradona, the eldest daughters of Diego Armando.

According to the complainant, it was requested due to “the plurality of issues that have been raised by the different claims of the parties and that to date remain to be resolved.” Among those “issues to be resolved” is the pedition of the defense of the paramedic Dahiana Madrid “that concerns the constitution of the Trial Body”, that is, the intervention of a popular jury.

Trial for Maradona’s death: when and how it will be

The trial for Maradona’s death was rescheduled for October 1, 2024, at 9:30 in the morning. The Hearings will be held weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

As for the popular court, the judges recalled that their intervention still needs to be confirmed, so for now, they did not grant the request, which – in any case – does not close that possibility in the near future.

“Judicial resolutions will not be executed during the term to appeal, nor during the processing of the appeal, if applicable, unless expressly provided otherwise,” the judges stressed when rejecting, for the moment, the intervention of a popular jury.

The court also ruled make room for “recording and filming of the debate hearing to be held”, which had been requested by the representation of Diego Fernando Maradona, the son of the deceased former soccer player and Verónica Ojeda.

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