Boca suffered a last-minute loss for tonight’s game for the Sudamericana

Boca suffered a last-minute loss for tonight’s game for the Sudamericana

Miguel Merentielfront of Mouthwas left out for tonight’s game against Potosi National due to a severe case of flu and, the team Diego Martinez loses a key piece to seal the classification in the South American Cup.

The La Ribera entity loses one of its scorers for the match that will define its fate in the continental competition, since if it loses it will be eliminated.

Merentiel woke up with a strong influenza tablea state that led him to abandon the concentration and that was ruled out to face the team of BoliviaTherefore, the coach Martinez You must define your replacement.


This is a new headache for the coaching staff, since in recent times the “Xeneize” was hit by constant losses and, although this is not due to injury, it is an important loss taking into account what is at stake equipment.

Although they confirmed that Merentiel suffers from fever, he had to go to the clinic to undergo studies, with the aim of verifying the reasons that led him to this condition.

Although it may evolve in the next few hours, Martinez decided to do without him for tonight, from 9 p.m. in La candy boxand must define who will take his place, in which there would be two names with a chance to do so.

The great candidate to get among the headlines is Lucas Jansonforward who has been used as a replacement for the coach in the last games in which Luca Langoni He couldn’t be there (just like tonight) due to the tear he suffered.

The second option in Mouth is Noberto Briascobut since he comes with little experience, in principle he runs from behind in the race to be the starter against Potosi National.

In this way, the team would be the following: Sergio Romero; Marcelo Saracchi, Cristian Lema, Marcos Rojo, Lautaro Blanco; Cristian Medina, Guillermo Fernández, Ezequiel Fernández, Kevin Zenón; Lucas Janson or Norberto Briasco and Edinson Cavani.

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