Goodbye Star+: the Closs-Latorre duo are going to another platform in the Libertadores matches

Goodbye Star+: the Closs-Latorre duo are going to another platform in the Libertadores matches

If you are a fan of the Copa Libertadores, this note will interest you. Come in and find out where the games can be seen next.

As is already known, the streaming platform The Walt Disney Company, Star+, will disappear in just over a month. In it you can find the most diverse content such as movies, series, ESPN programs and broadcasts of sporting events. Within this last category we can mention soccer matches from various leagues as well as international cups. This is where the myth appears Libertadores Cup.

The most important competition on our continent is already halfway through the competition (ending the last date of the group stage) and for now you can watch the matches both on cable channels and on the platform that will soon disappear: Where do all the Libertadores meetings move to?


What day will Star+ disappear from Argentina

As reported by the company, Star+ will disappear on June 30, 2024. The closure of one of the most chosen streaming platforms in Latin America has to do with the company’s search to optimize and improve the experience of the thousands of subscribed users.

What will happen to Star+ content after its closure

If you are a fan of all the content offered on Star+ you have nothing to worry about since they will not disappear. The series, movies, programs as well as all the Copa Libertadores matcheswith the stories of Mariano Closs and the comments of Diego Latorreyou can find them on Disney+. This means that the Disney+ catalog will be significantly expanded by incorporating all Star+ content.

According to the president of the company in Latin America, Diego Lerner, this change will mean “an improved and superior experience, and simplified access to subscribers.”

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