EURO 2024: Chancellor Scholz before the European Championship: Do everything for security

EURO 2024: Chancellor Scholz before the European Championship: Do everything for security

The European Football Championship begins in Germany in just over two weeks. The Chancellor also wants to go to the stadium during the tournament. He talks about his feeling of security.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is going into the European Football Championship with a great feeling of security and advises all stadium visitors to do the same.

“A lot has been done for safety. You should concentrate on the game and on watching and cheering on the teams,” said the SPD politician on “Spielmacher – the EM podcast from 360Media with Sebastian Hellmann”.

He can assure everyone “that we are doing everything we can to ensure security in the stadiums – and also around them,” said Scholz, also mentioning Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD). “The Interior Minister has reported on this very frequently in our meetings and has also described in great detail what preparations have been made together with the state police and the police authorities of other countries, and how closely intelligence services are working together and trying to exclude all possible risks.”

Scholz added that special border controls had been carried out and many technical measures had been prepared to ensure safety in the stadiums. “All possible difficult situations have been examined and tested, so of course we cannot say that nothing can happen – that is not possible in the very difficult, dangerous world situation we are currently in – but we can say that we have done everything that makes sense to make security as high as possible,” emphasised the German head of government.

The 65-year-old hopes that the European Championship will change the mood. “In our country, but also in all the other countries that are taking part in this European Championship. It’s a big, friendly gathering, despite the competition that’s taking place on the pitch. That should carry through.”

Athlete Scholz: As a student, he received a grade of 4

Scholz discovered sport for himself late in life. “I was very unathletic as a youngster. The only thing I managed to do was swim. Because I learned that early, I even got my DLRG basic certificate,” said the SPD politician. “Otherwise, I always got a 4 on my report card. A sign of great unathleticism.”

But that changed when I turned 40, reported Scholz. “Since then I started running, which I do two or three times a week. When I was in my early 50s I learned to row, which I do with great enthusiasm,” explained the 65-year-old. “And now sport is part of my life, running, cycling, rowing, hiking. I think that’s good.”

What he appreciates about sport is that during this time he “doesn’t think so much about the things I do professionally. Instead, I get involved and enjoy it,” said Scholz. He is also not one of those people who listens to music while jogging.

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