More threats against Ángel Di María given the rumor of his return to Rosario Central

More threats against Ángel Di María given the rumor of his return to Rosario Central

The Argentine National Team footballer Angel Di Maria was a victim of new threats amid growing rumors about his possible return to Central Rosary after a message on a piece of paper appeared on social media and a mural in his honor was vandalized.

The situation escalated dramatically this week when unknown individuals vandalized a mural in his honor and shot up a gas station, both in the city of Rosario, leaving an intimidating message that read: “We are waiting for you.”

This worrying incident underlines the tension around the player and his family, who had already been the subject of threats in March.

The last episode of this escalation of violence took place at the Puma station, located at 5000 Oroño Street, where the attackers shot at the establishment before leaving a note addressed to the soccer player.

This threat adds to a series of intimidations that Di María and his family received this year, linked to the possibility of his return to the Rosario club. The vandalism of the mural, located at the El Torito club in the neighborhood where Di María began his career, and the words “Are you still coming back?” Spray painted, they reinforce the message of hostility.

angel di maria pamphlet.jpg

The flyers that were thrown in Rosario threatening Ángel Di María in the face of an imminent return to Rosario Central.


On March 3 of this year there was also an incident against him, when a car hit the entrance to the private neighborhood in Funes, where Di María’s family lives. On that occasion, a message was left addressed to the player’s father, warning about the consequences of a possible return to Rosario Central.

Despite the threats, Cristian “Kily” González, Di María’s former teammate and current technical director of Unión, recently stated that he spoke with the footballer and that the player “is dying to wear the Central shirt.”

However, González recognized the complexity of the situation due to the violence and risk involved, stressing that the safety and well-being of Di María’s family are paramount.

The insecurity situation in Rosario is not new, but the notoriety of the Di María case put additional focus on the problems of violence in the region.

The player, whose talent and international career have made him a sporting icon, now finds himself at a crossroads where his sporting decisions are deeply influenced by considerations of personal and family safety.

Source: Ambito

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