Florentino Pérez, the architect of a Real Madrid from another galaxy

Florentino Pérez, the architect of a Real Madrid from another galaxy

Despite having display cases full of trophies, the hyperactive leader of the white club is far from satisfied.

“There is a captain here, his name is Florentino Pérez, all the rest of us are sailors,” said coach Carlo Ancelotti after his team qualified for its eighteenth final of the top European tournament, where it faces Borussia Dortmund in London on Saturday. .


Florentino Pérez, with all the cups he won as president of Real Madrid: a total of 34 trophies.

Madrista Central

Seven of those finals have been with Florentino Pérez as president. In the previous six, Real Madrid was champion and reaches the seventh as a big favorite.

With the conquest of the last League, Florentino Pérez added its 34th title, surpassing the 33 that the Madrid entity won with Bernabéu at the helm.

In his football record, Florentino Perez He won seven Leagues, one Intercontinental Cup, five Club World Cups, five European Super Cups, three King’s Cups and the jewel in the crown: 6 European Cups. For his part, Bernabeu He won 16 Leagues, six European Cups, one Intercontinental Cup, six Spanish Cups, two Latin Cups and two Small World Cups.

To this is also added the multiple successes of the basketball team, also one of the strongest on the Old Continent.

Florentino Perez He is a successful businessman with a fortune estimated at around US$1,950 million and this is his second presidency at the head of the white club (the first was between 2000 and 2006) and he has already been at the head of the institution for 13 years in his second term. (took office on June 1, 2009). In addition, he presides over the giant ACS (Construction and Services Activities).

At 77 years old, this skilled negotiator, very gifted in public relations, manages his two great passions, the club and the company, with the same predetermined goal: excellence.

But his legacy is not only limited to results and trophies: this engineer managed to make the real Madrid become a great global brand, respected and known, while managing to preserve its identity and its management model through partners (subscribers-shareholders).

Two emblematic projects

First, the remodeling of the Bernabeu stadiumwhich has been modernized and provided with a retractable lawn to allow the organization of other sporting and cultural events. It is the place chosen for the two Madrid concerts of the American Taylor Swift this week.

Also under his command the Valdebebas training centeron the outskirts of Madrid, which will soon be named after him.

Its footprint is present even in the Gulf countries, where the real Madrid inaugurated a huge theme and amusement park near Dubai.

In the past, Florentino Perez He opted to attract big stars to Madrid who gave the club top-notch media coverage.

After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, The club opted for young players who have responded very well on the field but their obsession for years is that Kylian Mbappé sign for him real Madrid and may it be, from now on, the face of a real Madrid global that marks a new era of reign in European football.

That goal seems close. Mbappe He already announced his departure from PSG, where he had been since 2017, and for months the press has assumed his arrival at the club. Real Madrid, although still without official confirmation.

Another of its workhorses in recent years has been the European Super League, the semi-closed competition project that was intended to be an alternative to the current one UEFA Champions League, in search of higher income.

“Football is going through an unprecedented institutional crisis. European football does not belong to the president of UEFA and Spanish football does not belong to the president of the League. The Super League is more necessary than ever,” said Perez at the general assembly of his club, last November.

However, it is not successful in everything and that project of the Super League It has not managed to take off despite achieving various victories in the courts.

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Florentino Pérez (full name Florentino Pérez Rodríguez) He was born in 1947 into a family of middle-class businessmen. The family lived in Madrid, and Florentino attended a prestigious school for boys. Florentino was an active and competitive child, a lover of soccer and handball. He entered film school, but dropped out to study engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Listed below are some significant events in the life of the Spaniard:

  • In 1970 He graduated in Civil, Canal and Bridge Engineering.
  • In the 1970sheld the positions of General Director of the Spanish Road Association and Environment Delegate of the Madrid City Council.
  • In 1979 He was elected councilor of the Madrid City Council.
  • In the 1980sheld senior positions in several Spanish ministries.

Business career

In 1991Pérez became a member of the board of directors of the French construction company SAE. In 1992became the main shareholder and president of OCISAas well as the subsidiary Balcony Buildings. In 1993assumed the leadership of the OCP constructor group, and in 1997led the ACS construction companywhich was formed by the fusion of the OCP and Hines Navarro groups. Among the most important milestones during his tenure at ACS include the acquisition of Dragados Group in 2003which made it a leader in the construction sector in Spain, and participation in the management of the German company Hochtief. In 2015ACS led the world ranking of construction companies for the fourth consecutive year.

Political career

In 1982, Pérez’s party suffered a failure in the parliamentary elections. Florentino, left without a party, decides to take extreme measures. For several years, he accumulated assets and financial resources in banks with the aim of returning to the top of the Spanish political scene. In 1986emerges as secretary general of Democratic Reform Party. However, the party gets less than 1 percent of the vote and is immediately dissolved. This was one of the most notorious political failures in the contemporary history of Spain.

Criticisms and controversies

The personality of Florentino Perez has always sparked conflicting opinions due to the authoritarian nature of its leadership. Mainly, criticism of the Spaniard centered on his particular approach to dealing with the club’s legends. The most notable scandal broke out around three situations; the departures of the Real teams of Raúl, Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo.


The leadership style of Florentino Perez It has a distinctive touch. Players must be at their best and fully committed to the team. Pérez adores workers in supporting roles like Lucas Vázquez and Nacho Fernández, whom he can always rely on. The coach must be a good diplomat, capable of adjusting his wishes based on the instructions of the management. All staff within the club speak of respectful treatment by the president. Respect and loyalty are two pillars on which the project called Real Madrid is based. Florentino Pérez is a person who sincerely loves his work, a tireless worker capable of dying at work if necessary. He is always around the team and is a true mentor to them.

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