He was an Italian soccer star, but he quit soccer at age 22 and became a Buddhist monk.

He was an Italian soccer star, but he quit soccer at age 22 and became a Buddhist monk.

Learn the incredible story of this former soccer player who left his boots for a very different life.

In the vast world of soccer You can find increasingly surprising stories. It happens to many ex-footballers that once they hang up their boots they are not sure which path to follow: some decide to remain linked to the sport as technical directors, leaders and even journalists, while others decide that their life changes completely. Precisely, the protagonist that we bring today opted for the second and incredible option.

You’ve probably never heard of it; He had a very short career and currently He is 25 years old. Born in Lund, Sweden, Kevin Lidin hung up his boots in the middle of the pandemic to dedicate himself to a more spiritual world where you feel full and happy. Completely removed from the courts, the former player today understands what happiness is: “After studying the science of happiness, becoming a monk and practicing yoga, I found the answer to what happiness is. I learned how to get it and how to keep it.”

What was Kevin Lidin’s football career like?

The young swedish He was born as a footballer in the lower divisions of Lunds BK of his country. At 18, the one who worked as a midfielder arrived in Italy, more precisely at Bologna where he hoped to succeed in Serie A. However, between 2018 and 2021 he played for other teams in the Italian promotion such as Pagnese and Pisa (a club known to Argentines for Diego “Cholo” Simeone) where won the Serie C title. However, despite the desire to arrive and succeed in the first class, injuries put Lidin’s dreams aside and made him have to hanging up his boots at only 22 years old.


Kevin Lidin’s new life: from footballer to Buddhist monk

Despite the frustration, Lidin set out to find happiness elsewhere, and on a path that is usually difficult and long-lasting, he quickly understood it. Swedish He discovered that his path was linked to being a Buddhist monk working as a yoga instructor on a lost island in Thailand called Ko Pha-ngan. “In 2021 my professional football career ended due to injuries. I started to wonder what happiness is and what the purpose of life is,” Kevin said last year.

The change in life was completely radical. The former player changed his physical appearance, his profession, he stopped consuming “easy products” like alcohol, he abandoned the networks (except for his Instagram account where he publishes his teachings) and even his diet. All that to find true happiness.


“Most people will never know what the purpose of life is; Those who do, often believe that being financially free or famous will make them happy,” said the Swede on his Instagram account with 18,300 followers..

Having found happiness, Lidin tries to teach his followers what they must do to find it too: “You are the only one responsible for your own happiness. There is no more important relationship than the one you have with yourself. Don’t blame others for your own reactions “Anger, despair and frustration never come from outside.”

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