San Lorenzo in Brazil achieved the point it needed to reach the second round of the Copa Libertadores

San Lorenzo in Brazil achieved the point it needed to reach the second round of the Copa Libertadores

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‘Verdão’, one of the favorites for the title, was looking for victory to land in the round of 16 as the best team in the phase, an honor that can now remain in the hands of the Atlético Mineiro either River.

Champion of the 1999, 2020 and 2021 editions, Palmeiras reached 14 points, six more than San Lorenzo. By beating 2-1 at Liverpool from Uruguay (4) in Ecuador, Valley Independent (7) secured a place in the round of 16 of the South American Cup.

Palmeiras fired their idol

“See you later”. The green-and-white mosaic displayed in the Allianz Parque stands, with the figure of the jovial ‘9’ in the center, shed light on the farewell atmosphere that was experienced Palmeiras. Endrick He entered the field for the last time of the club that made him famous and of which he was a key player in winning the Brazilian league in 2023. He shed tears during the formal ceremonies while admiring the tribute of the ‘torcida’.

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After the match, the striker will join the team’s training camp. Brazil who will dispute the America Cup from the United States. Then, once he comes of age, in July, he will join the real Madrid.

His goodbye, however, was opaque on the field, where he shared from the beginning with two other Palmeirense pearls, Estevao (17 years old) and Luis Guilherme (18). He seemed anxious and uncomfortable with the iron mark of the rear set up by Leandro Romagnoli, needing to add to guarantee passage to the next round. Neither Endrick neither his youthful colleagues nor the creativity of Raphael Veiga they managed to scare the archer Facundo Altamirano.

Facundo Altamirano, key in San Lorenzo

The second half began as disputed as the first 45 minutes ended, although Palmeiras This time he showed his teeth in a free kick taken by the Colombian midfielder Richard Rios (50′), from the left, which Facundo Altamirano sent to the corner.

The archer of San Lorenzo showed his worth again (60′) by containing a soft but dangerous shot by Estevao, after an overflow on the left by Luis Guilherme. It was the last great emotion until the 70th minute, when Endrick was replaced by the steering wheel Romulus.

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The fans stood up to applaud him, the young man responded with claps, he hugged the Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira and went directly to the locker room. “I feel sad and happy, I am very grateful to Palmeiras. Now it is difficult to talk,” he said at the end of the game.

The departure of the young promise, although emotional, did not change the threads of the party: Palmeiras He kept the ball and the intention to attack, while the “Ciclón” tightened the lines and used Facundo Altamirano to take care of the tie that allowed him to stay alive.

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