He was a promising Argentine boxer, but he left the sport and now dedicates himself to his new passion.

He was a promising Argentine boxer, but he left the sport and now dedicates himself to his new passion.

The surname Matthysse and boxing seem to be the same word in Argentina. The brothers Walter, Lucas and Soledad dedicated themselves to a life of fists above the ring. The three of them won important belts that led them to become known in national sports. However, the protagonist of today’s story is not any of them.

Ezequiel Matthysse, son of Walter (Latin champion) and nephew of Lucas and Soledad (world champions), decided to follow the same path that his family did. Raised between gyms and gloves, it seemed like he didn’t have much choice, but after having tried the universe of pineapples, the man from Chubut realized that his happiness was in another completely different world: music.

What was Ezequiel Matthysse’s boxing career like?

The one born in Trelew on July 8, 1998 had a short career. On November 21, 2020, he began his path in boxing by debuting with a victory against Dante Román Cano by technical knockout. However, on July 16, 2022 he said goodbye to the ring by defeating Germán Ignacio Peralta. In just over a year and a half, Ezequiel was present in 9 fights: 8 won (4 by knockout) and 1 lost. In his brief time in boxing, which was very promising, Walter’s son won an amateur world title and also a South American title. Besides, lifted a belt as WBC Latin champion as a professional.

Despite having started well and having a family history behind all that, the former boxer did not feel completely satisfied with his life: “It’s something that had been bothering me for a while. I started to wonder if I was doing the right thing.” that I liked it or not. It’s something kind of strange, crazy,” he explained in an interview for TyC Sports.


In addition, “El Nino Terrible” added: I don’t really know how to explain it. My mind started to wonder what I’m doing with my life… I’m doing something just because of what people say… Because your whole family was a certain thing and you have to do the same, be the heir, follow the dynasty …Do I really want that or do I like to do something else? It was the question of this time. I fell at one point and made the decision to throw myself into music. I don’t want that dream to pass me by either.”

In October 2022 he left a week before a fight he was going to give due to a health issue. In the run-up to the fight he had problems reaching the agreed weight and the team decided not to let him fight. Furthermore, months before that fight, the former boxer had a nervous tic, which led him to realize that the pressure from boxing was not doing him good: “A few months before fighting for the title I had gotten a nervous tic in my eyes.” eyes. It was killing me lately.. She blinked hard all the time. I remember that, after she passed away, my wife told me that she was afraid. My eyes were red from nerves…When I made the decision, after two weeks the tic disappeared as if by magic.”

The new life of Ezequiel Matthysse after leaving boxing

In these last two years, Ezequiel’s life revolves around his new passion. The one who used to deliver punches in the ring he dedicates himself to singing cumbia RKTgenre where he already made songs with L-Gante, Fidel Nadal, Pala Ancha, The Dog, among others. In addition, of course he performs shows and promotes them through his Instagram account where he has 1 million followers.

According to Matthysse, his passion for music began as a child when his grandfather gave him a keyboard: “I got into music because of my old man too. I remember that I was a kid, I was two or three years old, I have images… He had a keyboard and they would get together to do karaoke in the neighborhood, in the Thousand Homes. I remember when I was little that I saw the keyboard and that it was something that caught my attention. And when I was eight years old they bought me one.

Likewise, another of the things that made him realize that boxing was no longer for him was the fact that he was no longer united with his family. Ezequiel mentioned that the dynasty used to train in a gym in preparation for his uncle’s fights, but after the retirement of Lucas (perhaps the most recognized in the family for his achievements) each one continued by his side. . After not spending so much time with his father or his uncles, Ezequiel did not find much motivation in the world of boxing: “I realized that I was driven by family. I think that if I had been with my family I would surely be here today.”

Despite being away from gloves today, boxing is something that runs through Ezequiel Matthysse’s veins. Regarding the possibility of returning to the ring, the Chubut native expressed: “I don’t know what can happen tomorrow. Maybe one day the boxing bug will bite me and it could be. Right now, I’m not there. “I prefer not to go into the ring with a mind like that because I know it can go wrong.”

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