NFL: US President welcomes Kansas City Chiefs to the White House

NFL: US President welcomes Kansas City Chiefs to the White House

It is a tradition for football teams to visit the White House after a Super Bowl victory. When the Kansas City Chiefs visited, some people wondered in advance whether a special guest would be coming along.

US President Joe Biden welcomed the Super Bowl winners Kansas City Chiefs to the White House in Washington. The Democrat praised the football team as “extraordinary”. The team brought Biden a helmet as a gift, which the President immediately put on to the cheers of the crowd.

The team’s star, Travis Kelce, was there. In recent months, he has made headlines not only for his sporting successes but also for his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is something of a shining light in the USA. The 34-year-old attended numerous Chiefs games in the stadium last season, bringing the NFL a lot of attention. She did not accompany her partner Kelce to the White House visit.

The Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in the past five years in February. If they win again next season, it would be the first time in the history of the National Football League that a team has won the championship three years in a row. In reference to this, Chiefs boss Clark Hunt said at the White House: “We have really enjoyed our time here today and are looking forward to the challenge of making this an annual visit.”

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