Diego Martínez was categorical about the expulsion of Marcos Rojo

Diego Martínez was categorical about the expulsion of Marcos Rojo

Boca coach, Diego Martínez, referred to the early red card that the defender saw in the defeat against Platense and assured: “It conditioned the match.”


In Vicente López, Mouth lost to Platense by 1-0 and at the end of the match corresponding to date 4 of the Professional League, Diego Martinezcoach of “Xeneize”, spoke at a press conference and was categorical about the expulsion of Marcos Rojo35 minutes into the PT, which marked the development of the rest of the match.

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“It conditioned the game,” he said. Diego Martinez about the expulsion of Marcos Rojowho could have seen the red much earlier if the referee Nicolas Ramirez or the VAR would have charged a clear penalty to Gaston Suso. The Boca coach, asked if he had spoken with the former defender of Students of La Plata Because of what happened to Vicente López, he assured that “it is not the time, I simply greeted him as I do with every footballer, it is not the time to talk. We will talk about it during the week.”

“Platense’s victory was fair”

“The team competed. In the first minutes of the second half with stopped balls, mainly, the rival created danger for us and after the goal we tried to continue having control. At the end we decided to defend hand to hand, there was some situation, we couldn’t,” he evaluated Diego Martinez on the development of the party Mouth in Vicente López. And he admitted: “The victory was fair, Platense took advantage of his opportunity, the development was even. Platense was superior in direct play.”

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The coach of MouthIn addition, he did not want to argue about the referee’s actions. Nicolas Ramirez. “During the refereeing there were doubtful, controversial situations to analyze, but there is no need to talk about the refereeing because we lost or justify something about the refereeing because we lost.” And he added: “We have to look inward to correct and see that against these teams the reality is that it cost us throughout the semester. If we are not in the way we have to be, we can suffer like today.”

The Boca goalkeeper made self-criticism

Sergio Romeroarcher Mouthregretted the defeat against Platense: He assured that they felt the expulsion of Marcos Rojo and hopes not to regret “the lost points” later in the Professional League. “It becomes difficult. On a difficult court, when you have one less player, the spaces become very big. You have to run too much. At times we ran badly,” said “Chiquito” on TNT Sports.

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In turn, he referred to the irregular start of Mouth in the championship, with two defeats, a draw and just one victory: “It’s football. Let’s hope we don’t regret the lost points later. It’s the second time it’s happened to us. It happened to us with Atlético Tucumán and today it happens to us again “As I always say, this is a long tournament. You have to win and continue.”

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