Talleres won in Santiago del Estero and leads the Professional League together with Racing

Talleres won in Santiago del Estero and leads the Professional League together with Racing

With two goals from Bruno Barticciotto, one from Marcos Portillo and another from Gustavo Albarracín, Talleres beat Central Córdoba 4-2, which lost all four games.


Workshops remained as leader of the Professional League With racing after beating 4-2 Córdoba Central, in Santiago del Estero, for the 4th date. With a doublet of Bruno Barticciottoa bit of Marcos Portillo and another of Gustavo Albarracinthe “T” rounded off a great week, in which they qualified for the 8th round of the Libertadores.

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The Chilean Bruno Barticciotto was the figure of the game with the first two goals that led to the victory of Workshops in Santiago del Estero. First he won a ball that he left loose Córdoba Central At the start and after a series of attacking passes, the attacker made it 1-0 after nine minutes.

Talleres liquidated him in the ST

Already in the second half, two minutes in, the Chilean found a ball behind everyone after a cross from Gaston Benavidez that no one could connect in the air and established the second goal that left Workshops as a leader with Racing. Córdoba Central He did not sleep and after the first goal of the “T” he managed to tie the match in a burst of dominance that allowed him to prevail and Tomas Molina He scored 1-1 with a header at the end of the first half.

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By the end, Marcos Portillo He stole the ball from a “Ferroviario” defender very close to the area after a short clearance and scored with subtlety against the post for the 3-1 that already seemed like the final one, but Tomas Molina He discounted again to close the gap. Gustavo Albarracin He made the final 4-2 with a high, over-hit forehand, for the victory with the top included for Workshops.

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