Lionel Scaloni threw the ball to Claudio Tapia: “Until the president of the AFA wants, I will be there”

Lionel Scaloni threw the ball to Claudio Tapia: “Until the president of the AFA wants, I will be there”

The coach of the argentine national team, Lionel Scalonispoke again about his future and surprised by stating that until the president of the AFA, Claudio TapiaWhatever he wants, he will continue to command the team led by Lionel Messi.

Let us remember that when in November of last year he said that he needed “think” and that the national team should have a coach “with all available energies”it was because he felt that “It was time to stop the ball.”

“I already explained what happened in November, that I was sorry and had to take it out. A good year had not passed and I felt that it was time to stop the ball. Afterwards, it is logical that a lot of things were thought about. Until the president of AFA wants it, I will be there. We know what this is like, but today I am here with all the energy, which, to be honest, was not the case in November.”said Scaloni.

Scaloniwho is already in USA where the America Cuprevealed that the decision to continue was considered and said: “I spoke to most (from the references) who have been in the process. I think they deserved it and I wanted to tell them what I felt and what was coming. Important things are coming, there will be changes, remodeling, touching things. I needed all of them to know and know my state of mind. It’s like a family relationship that I have with them and I needed to tell them.”.

The technician came to Miami to begin preparation for the matches against Ecuador and Guatemalaprior to the start of the America Cupwhile more than 13 players have already arrived in the American city and this Monday they would join Messi.

Scaloni explained why he deleted Dybala

On the other hand, Scaloni announced the reasons for the decision not to summon Paulo Dybala: “When you leave a player out, especially in the conditions in which we had to do it, it is always difficult. We have a special affection for him, but we always say that the team comes first.”

“Given the circumstances, especially in positions where we had some problems, we made the decision to put together this list. With all the pain in the world, because we know what he gave us, it is a decision we made. It is the ugliest thing to be coach, we accept it, we have to do it and it is difficult”he expressed.

Likewise, he added: “It is a different list. We have some players with problems and, in the end, you have to make decisions, especially because it has to be a balanced list and you cannot have five or six players in the same position. “If we hadn’t had physical problems with some players, it would have been different not only with him, but with other guys who aren’t here either.”

The footballers referred to Scaloni are Nahuel Molinawho is recovering from a tear, German Pezzellahas a microfracture, Lisandro Martínezsuffered a tear, Marcos Acuña (pubalgia) and Enzo Fernandez (hernia).

When talking about the youngest footballers who make up the delegation, he stated: “If they are here, it is for the Senior National Team. The Olympic Games are later and I hope the boys that (Javier) Mascherano calls can go. We don’t bring them just to fill in. We are aware that they can stay.”

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