Prime Video presented the first trailer for the documentary “Federer: the last 12 days”

Prime Video presented the first trailer for the documentary “Federer: the last 12 days”

Director Asif Kapadia captures the final days of the tennis icon’s career in this sports documentary.

Roger Federer says a tearful goodbye to his famous tennis career in the trailer for the sports documentary Asif Kapadia, Federer: the last twelve dayswhich premiered today ahead of its world premiere on June 10 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

As the curtain falls on his 24 years of competitive play in professional tennis, Federer struggles to contain his emotions in what the documentary’s producers call a home video that was never intended for public viewing. “I thought until this morning he had his emotions under control, but I can feel them coming up,” a vulnerable Federer says at one point in the documentary as his final match of the tournament approaches.

Federer: The Last Twelve Days is directed by Kapadia, best known for documentaries such as Amyabout the deceased Amy Winehouse, Sennaabout the legend of Formula 1, Ayrton sennaand a film about Diego Maradona.

Federer Trailer: The Last Twelve Days

Federer_ the last twelve days – Official Trailer _ Prime Video Spain.mp4

In 2022, Federer announced that he was retiring from professional tennis at age 41 after winning 20 Grand Slam titles over two decades. Kapadia’s cameras and the co-director Joe Sabia they also followed Federer in his final Laver Cup appearance as part of Team Europe.

His loss was followed by a tearful farewell from his teammates and fans. The trailer also includes clips from Federer’s childhood and his early days as a tennis player, where he showed promise before turning professional.

The trailer includes words from other tennis greats such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and John McEnroewho appear in the documentary that will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide starting June 20.

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