Huracán showed his chest against Barracas Central and is one of the leaders of the Professional League

Huracán showed his chest against Barracas Central and is one of the leaders of the Professional League

Hurricane he beat 2-0 today Central Barracksas a visitor, within the framework of the fourth date of the Professional Soccer League and is one of the leaders of the tournament with Racing Club and Talleres de Córdoba.

In the match played at the Guillermo Laza stadium in Bajo Flores, Ignacio Pussetto opened the scoring at 41 minutes of the first half and Héctor Fértoli scored the second at 42 minutes of the second half.

With this result, Frank Darío Kudelka’s team added its third victory in the tournament and reached the leadership of the competition shared with Racing Club and Talleres de Córdoba, both with 10 points. For the fifth day, they will host Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza on Saturday, June 15 at 6 p.m. at the Tomás Adolfo Duco stadium.

For their part, Alejandro Orfila’s team suffered their second defeat in the tournament and have four points in the tournament. For the fifth date of the Professional Football League, they will visit Gimnasia de La Plata on Wednesday, June 12 at 9:15 p.m. at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo stadium.

In a match in which there were not too many emotions, the “Globo” broke the zero on the scoreboard with Ignacio Pussetto’s goal at 41 minutes of the first stage. In an exit from the back of the visiting team, Lucas Carrizo hit a long ball from his area for the empty hit of the former Atlético de Rafaela, who let it hit once and, when he was in the air again, he hit him with his face internal causing it to end up sneaking over goalkeeper Sebastián Moyano.

In the complement, at 20 minutes, Barracas Central would reach the tie with Rodrigo Herrera’s goal. In a drive through the area, Alan Cantero left Uruguayan Jonathan Candía one-on-one, who eluded goalkeeper Sebastián Meza, opened up, finished and his shot hit the post with the fortune that it fell on the penalty spot where Herrera pushed it and scored 1-1.

Immediately, referee Andrés Merlos annulled the goal due to a slight offside by Candía when he hit the void. After being called by Lucas Novelli from the VAR, the judge reaffirmed his decision to invalidate Herrera’s goal.

At 42 minutes, Huracán ended the match with a goal from Héctor Fértoli. After a change of front from left to right in three quarters of the rival field, Pussetto lowered it on his back and with the right boot to accommodate himself and put the pass behind the defense where the ex-Racing winger was who, faced with the bailing goalkeeper Moyano, dotted it over and made it 2-0.

Summary Barracas Central vs Huracán for the Professional Soccer League

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