Olympic Games: DOSB nominates another 53 athletes for Paris

Olympic Games: DOSB nominates another 53 athletes for Paris

The German team for the Olympic Games continues to grow with the second round of nominations. A Tokyo Olympic champion is also included.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has nominated another 53 athletes for the Summer Games in Paris. The athletes come from the sports of swimming (24), diving (9), shooting (7), judo (7) and triathlon (6), as the DOSB announced. In total, 66 athletes are now taking part in the Summer Games in France.

The most prominent name in the second round of nominations is Tokyo Olympic champion Florian Wellbrock. Angelina Köhler, world champion in the 100-meter butterfly, and the two 400-meter freestyle European champions Isabel Gose and Lukas Märtens are also part of the swimmers’ squad.

Wellbrock is scheduled to compete in the 10 kilometers in open water and the 1500 and 800 meters freestyle in the pool. The fact that the 26-year-old was nominated for the 800 meters is surprising, because Wellbrock was only number three in Germany after Sven Schwarz and Oliver Klemet – there are two starting places. Wellbrock is scheduled to swim the 800 meters instead of Klemet, who was nominated for the 400 meters and the open water.

Other Olympic medalists present

The DOSB nominated a great German medal hope in the form of judoka Anna-Maria Wagner, who won bronze twice in Tokyo and became world champion a few weeks ago. Diver Lena Hentschel is also aiming for another medal at the Olympic Games in Paris after winning bronze in Tokyo three years ago. Among the shooters is Rio Olympic champion Christian Reitz.

The DOSB is planning three further nomination rounds this month and next month, in which several hundred more participants will be announced for the games from July 26 to August 11. The DOSB is expecting a team strength of more than 400 athletes.

At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the team consisted of 407 athletes; four years later in Rio de Janeiro, the number was 452. At the 2021 Tokyo Games, 434 athletes took part.

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