“Dibu” Martínez wants to go to the Olympic Games: “I have to fight a little more with Aston Villa”

“Dibu” Martínez wants to go to the Olympic Games: “I have to fight a little more with Aston Villa”

The champion goalkeeper in Qatar 2022 will first seek to defend the Copa América title, in the United States, and then will fight to be in Paris 2024.


On the eve of the friendlies on Sunday and next Friday that the Argentine team of soccer will face Ecuador and Guatemala, respectively, Emiliano “Dibu” Martíneza key player in the conquest of Qatar 2022, expressed his intentions to attend the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesdespite the resistance of Aston Villa.

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“It is a desire that I want to play in the Olympic Games, but it doesn’t just depend on me. The club has blocked me many times. I decided to play the Copa América and then make a decision. With the club, which did not let any player go. selection, it is not 100 percent given,” commented the goalkeeper who emerged from Independent. And he added: “I always put the National Team first and if I have to fight with the club, I will. The most important thing is the Copa América, then the Olympic Games. My dream is to wear the gold.”

Aston Villa wants him for the Champions League

Excited because he will compete again Champions Leaguethe highest club competition in European football after 41 years, Aston Villa intends to have the goalkeeper for the beginning of the Premier League on August 17 and the only impediment there would be the tight schedule between the America Cup of the United States, from June 20 to July 14, and the Olympic Games of Paris 2024, from July 26 to August 11.

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For this reason, the English club are not sure about giving in to “Dibu” Martínezwho, in case he cannot be at the Paris event, highlighted his candidates: “Leandro Brey did very well. If he is not an older goalkeeper, we must give continuity to a young goalkeeper. And if not, Gerónimo Rulli or Juan Musso”.

Emiliano Martínez praised Lionel Scaloni

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of Lionel Scaloni continue to command the Selection: “We know that without him we do not have a team driver, the famous “Scaloneta” does not work. He is our boss and leader, with him we feel safer”. And he added: “He doesn’t give us anything, he told us that number 10 (for Lionel Messi) is the only one who has a guaranteed place. He shows it with facts. People who relax or are not at their best level, don’t come.”

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Finally, regarding the continental competition that will begin in 15 days in the United States, he stated: “It is going to be more difficult than the previous one (Copa América). There are different venues and you travel every three days, with very hot training sessions. The wear and tear goes “It’s going to be a lot. We don’t have any extra weight, we know how difficult it is to win each game. Everyone wants to beat you. Our goal is to reach the final and go against whatever team.”

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