José Lemme, historic president of Defense and Justice, died

José Lemme, historic president of Defense and Justice, died

The late leader was in office for almost three decades. He died at 74 years of age.

Jose Lemmehistoric president of Defense and Justicewhere he served for nearly three decades, died at 74 years of age.

“It is with deep regret that today we have to say goodbye to José Lemme, who was president of our institution for 28 years. With work and honesty, José knew how to instill love and respect for the club, in addition to being an architect of its growth both in terms of football as well as institutional. Your legacy will live forever.”was the message published by Defense and Justice on their social networks.

Lemmewho was going through a delicate health problem, took over as president of Defense and Justice in 1993after the “Falcón” descended to the First Metropolitan B.

With Lemme in office, the team Florencio Varela achieved the historic promotion to First division in 2014. It should be noted that she obtained two international titles: the South American Cup 2020 and the South American Cup Winners’ Cup 2021. At the same time, they reached two runners-up finishes in the First Division (2018/19 and 2021) and one in the Argentine Cup (2023).

Currently, the club is chaired by his son, Diego Lemme.

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