Marcos Rojo broke the silence in Boca after the talk with Juan Román Riquelme

Marcos Rojo broke the silence in Boca after the talk with Juan Román Riquelme

He also confirmed that he received a call from Lionel Messi to join Inter Miamibut decided to stay in the country.

The expulsion of Red in view of Platense, including a kick from behind and a second yellow for a slap, generated a wave of criticism among fans. The defender admitted his mistake and the responsibility that his actions entail: “I already apologized”relied on statements to Radio La Red.

Red acknowledged that his behavior was “unacceptable”especially at this stage of his career, and expressed his intention to make amends for his performance.

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Marcos Rojo expelled in Boca

“I acknowledged my mistake with my teammates, I already apologized because I know it was a big mistake. Being sent off after 36 minutes complicated everything for the team. I assume full responsibility for the defeat and I wanted to speak to clarify things. I have always been impulsive in my game, but never with bad intentions”revealed.

And he added: “I would never deliberately seek to harm a player. There are a lot of opinions, especially before important games, but I move forward with determination.”

“I’m not a bad guy. I never played to hurt anyone. It’s an attack, without putting myself as a victim. Argentine football is tough”hill.

His relationship with Diego Martínez and Riquelme

Besides, Red He also highlighted the good relationship he maintains with the president Riquelme and the coach Diego Martinez. He claimed to feel very comfortable and supported by the manager, with whom he has frequent talks about football and family.

Regarding the coach, he highlighted his effort and professionalism, stating that the team is in a process of getting to know each other better and overcoming challenges together.

Rojo’s bench to Benedetto

Rojo addressed the situation of his partner Dario Benedetto, who has faced recent difficulties and the DT’s reprimand for indiscipline. The defender expressed his unconditional support for Benedetto, highlighting his professionalism and positive attitude.

“I have a great relationship with Darío. I will always support him and help him so he can give his best. He has handled his situation very well and has never caused problems in the locker room. I am convinced that he will shine again“he concluded.

Rojo assured that Messi called him to go to Inter Miami

“In January Leo (Messi) called me, he offered me the opportunity to join Inter. Imagine what that means for any footballer! Although the offer was tempting, I was not convinced to leave. I spoke with Román and told him that if I needed, I was 100% committed to Boca”said the former Estudiantes defender.

Despite the offer, Red decided to continue in “Xeneize”, motivated by a sincere conversation with the president of the club, Juan roman riquelmeensuring that he still has a lot to offer the team.

“I have this year and next, and my goal is to improve and return to my best level. Defending the Boca shirt and playing at La Bombonera is a privilege that I hope to enjoy again with good results,” he commented. Red in statements to La Red radio.

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