Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the rings are displayed on the Eiffel Tower

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the rings are displayed on the Eiffel Tower

The official celebration of the historic sporting event will take place on July 26. The French capital makes final preparations.

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The Olympic rings They were placed on the Eiffel Tower, the great symbol of Paris, fifty days before the start of the Games Olympics 2024 which will be held from July 26 to August 11 in the French capital.

During the week, the thirty tons of steel They were transported in parts to the place, to later be assembled and converted into the emblematic Olympic rings. Finally, they were successfully installed in the imposing metal structure on Thursday night, showing off on the second floor of the monument.

The rings, 29 meters long and 13 meters high, They will light up white every nightwith more than one hundred thousand LED bulbs, as announced this week by the organizing committee of this new edition of the Olympic Games.

The structure of the rings is fixed to the most robust elements of the Eiffel Tower, as explained to the press Alain Dumas, technical director of the monument’s operating company. About fifteen technicians who are experts in vertical work and several cranes were in charge of placing them.

Along these lines, Pierre Engel, engineer at Arcelor-Mittal, the company in charge of preparing the steel, explained that during the last few months several studies were carried out to gauge the viability of the operation and avoid possible unforeseen events.

“It will be one of the images of the Games,” added Thierry Reboul, director of events and ceremonies on the ceremony’s organizing committee, evoking the five rings nine meters in diameter and the spectacular view from Trocadero.

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