Lionel Scaloni confirmed that Lionel Messi will not start against Ecuador

Lionel Scaloni confirmed that Lionel Messi will not start against Ecuador

The physical condition of Lionel Messi It is always an important topic, especially a few days before the start of the America Cup. However, the coach of the Argentine National Team, Lionel Scaloni, brought peace of mind to the Argentine fans and to all those who will be present in Chicago to see the duel tonight, from 8:00 p.m., against Ecuador.

“I still don’t have 100% of the team, especially because I have to evaluate the changes. Based on that we will decide the team. I imagine that Leo (Messi) will play. People will be able to see it. I don’t know if 30 minutes or 60. But we want them to arrive with filming,” confessed the native of Pujato in the prelude to the crossing against “La Tri”, referring to the ’10’ of the national team.

The decision on the number of minutes for the Argentine captain will depend on how Leo himself feels. “We will take a good look at the issue so that they arrive well-rounded. We are going to evaluate everyone’s minutes, because it is important for what is coming“added the world champion coach.

Next and in reference to the variants that are coming, he added: We are not worried about the changes because when we made them we maintained the level. “We’re not going to risk anyone.”


Lionel Scaloni praised Ecuador, rival in tonight’s friendly, and pointed out that for this match he is not worried about the changes since when they were made the team maintained its level. “We’re not going to risk anyone,” he said.


He praised Ecuador

Lionel Scaloni praised Ecuador cas a rival and spoke about the America Cup that is coming “We are expectant, with clear ideas. And being positive because we have a good team that competes in every game. Football will later tell what we are for. The America Cup It is always very difficult. Because the South American teams don’t give you anything. Ecuador is a very good rival and can do great things, it is a good test“, he stated.

“It’s not that the world champion is played differently, it’s something that happened historically with Argentina. But we seek to enhance what we do well and take precautions against the rival. We have no problem saying it, if the National Team has to put on the work overalls, he will put it on,” he said.

Court on the list

In relation to the upcoming cut of three players to reach the final list of 26, he explained. “We knew that this week German Pezzella I wasn’t going to be able to train. It will start from Monday, but we need to see how it is. Guido Rodriguez “It can start tomorrow and based on that we will decide.”

Then he referred to the level of several footballers who play in the country, without giving specific names: “There are many very good ones who can give us a hand, but it is very difficult to change if the players who are there now do not give us reasons to do so. The team is doing well now and the call-up does not depend on the league in which they play.

Who will be 9

One of the great unknowns facing the Copa América is the center forward position of the Argentine National Team. In this sense, Scaloni He highlighted this, but also put other disputes on the table for positions both in the midfield and on the sides.

“There are other positions where there are important fights. But the number 9 always attracts attention. In the National Team we have many positions like this: Tagliafico – Acuña, Montiel – Molina, Enzo – Lo Celso, De Paul – Palacios, Paredes – Mac Allister. But they only focus on one, it is what it is. The important thing is that they are both fine (Álvarez and Martínez), they are different and we are happy. They made a good season both, but we will decide who starts playing “he commented.

Garnacho banking

Asked about the Manchester United player, he explained: “He didn’t have much time with us and it’s true that in the minutes he had he couldn’t show everything he really knows. But we have to give him minutes to get to know his teammates, both him like Valentín Carboni, who are two boys who excite us a lot”

“It is reality, but we cannot burden them with many expectations right now. They are going to give us a lot. The important thing is that they know what we want, they understand the pace at which the game is played and that sometimes a break is good.”

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