Lionel Scaloni highlighted the victory against Ecuador and confirmed that he will make the list after Guatemala

Lionel Scaloni highlighted the victory against Ecuador and confirmed that he will make the list after Guatemala

The Argentina coach, Lionel Scaloni highlighted the intensity of the match against Ecuador, confirmed that he will give the final list after the friendly against Guatemala and referred to the few minutes of play that the star had Lionel Messi in tonight’s 1-0 win. “There are times when there is no need to take risks,” he said ahead of the 2024 Copa América.

“There are times when there is no need to risk, both with him (Messi) as with others. No other players played today, like Otamendi. Say Maria He had his minutes, Enzo (Fernández) returned after the operation. You have to take care of them and arrive in optimal conditions“, analyzed Scaloni regarding the physical condition of the players of the Argentine national team.

“These parties [amistosos] They always have risks, which can be injuries or setbacks. We try not to let them happen. In some cases, like that of Nahuel Molina, we did not want to risk it, it is not 100%,” he added. Scaloni.

Lionel Scaloni will give the list of selected teams for the Copa América after the friendly against Guatemala

The coach stressed that “there are only a few days left to give the final list and we will do it based on what we believe is best for the team. It always hurts to leave kids outside.but in this case we will do it thinking about what the team needs”, in addition to confirming that the squad will be given after the friendly against Guatemala, on Friday the 14th.

Regarding the match played at Soldier Field in Chicago, he expressed that “it seemed to me a good game from us and also from Ecuador. It was too intense to be a friendly. We know very well what the South American rivals are and they are a good team. “I think we did what we had to do, try to dominate and create situations.”

Furthermore, Ángel Di María, scorer of the Argentine winning goal, expressed that “the group (squad) did not change much. We have some young guys. It is important to continue working together as we are to try to continue achieving objectives.”

“Ecuador is a rival that we can meet (in the Copa América). We know that it is a more than complicated tournament, that there are screwed (difficult) matches, and this was a good game to see how we areand I think we are on the right track,” said Di María, who will retire from the national team when Argentina’s participation in the Copa América ends.

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