Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza waits for Sebastián Villa and the Ni Una Menos collective repudiated his hiring

Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza waits for Sebastián Villa and the Ni Una Menos collective repudiated his hiring

Independent Rivadavia de Mendoza wait for the arrival of the forward Sebastian Villa with whom you would have a verbal agreement and who It would mean the return of the Colombian to Argentine football, but the hiring of the footballer was repudiated by the collective Ni Una Menos because he was convicted of gender violence against his ex-partner Daniela Cortes and with an open case for sexual abuse with carnal access.

Although the sentence was not effective (two years and one month in prison when up to three can be released from prison) and there is no legal impediment to working in the country, the members of the aforementioned group based in Mendoza did not hide their indignation. and they highlighted that the entity supported feminist slogans that it now seems to be unaware of.

“At Ni Una Menos Mendoza we firmly reject the incorporation of Sebastián Villa to Independiente Rivadavia. Villa was sentenced to two years and one month of suspended prison for gender violence against his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés. Although he is on parole, his actions should not be minimized,” the organization said.

In a statement released in the last few hours, the group added: “The statements of the leader Daniel Vila, who advocate for a ‘second chance’ for Villa, ignore the seriousness of gender violence. “We believe in rehabilitation, but this must include true reflection and repair of the damage caused, aspects that are not seen in this case.”

“The incorporation of town sends the wrong message to the community, especially victims of gender violence.

We urge Independent Rivadavia to reconsider this decision and demonstrate a real commitment to the fight against gender violence. The eradication of this violence is everyone’s responsibility,” the letter concluded.


The arrival of the former player Mouth was confirmed by the president of Independent Rivadavia, Daniel Vila, who noted: “The possibility arose and we think he is an extraordinary player. The conversations I have had with him showed him to be an honest, respectful, kind person. We will see what he is like in the personal relationship when he comes.”


The hiring of Sebastián Villa was repudiated by the Ni Una Menos collective because the Colombian soccer player was convicted of gender violence against his ex-partner Daniela Cortés.


“He has a sentence of two years and one month that he will finish serving next year and, in the meantime, he is on parole. Anyone has the right to a second chance if they made a mistake, we are talking about a person with a conviction firm,” he asserted

Besides, Villa stated: “He is an elite player, that is out of the question. He is an outstanding player, one of those chosen for football. Having the possibility of him playing in Independent Rivadavia It is a merit and a praise.”

In radio statements, the leader expressed: “I am not worried about what they will say. He is serving the sentence and the ruling of Justice. He is within the law and that speaks well of him. We all make mistakes in life, some more serious and others less serious. You always have to have a chance in life.

Sebastian Villa He is a humble and respectful person. He may have had a moment of weakness or who knows what happened to him, but he is upright and fulfilling what Justice marked.

The double punishment is not worth it, the punishment of Justice and social punishment is not fair. We all have the possibility of redemption by serving our sentence and being able to work,” he said.

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