Mariana Nannis requested that a date be set for the start of the trial against Claudio Caniggia

Mariana Nannis requested that a date be set for the start of the trial against Claudio Caniggia

The note was addressed to the president of the Court, Carlos Rengel Miratwho will be in charge of directing the oral debate.

The facts for which the former player of the argentine national team occurred in 2018 when the couple he had at that time Nannis returned from a wedding party to the apartment they shared at the time at the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Mariana Nannis and the trial of Claudio Caniggia

The Buenos Aires Crime Chamber confirmed the prosecution against Caniggia that he had arranged at the end of 2023 the investigating judge Fabiana Palmaghiniwho also placed an embargo on him for 5 million pesos.

Nannis asked the court to “set the opening date for the oral debate as soon as possible, as this party also requests that it be in person.”

Claudio Caniggia Mariana Nannis.jpg

Claudio Paul Caniggia and Mariana Nannis.

“This is due to the complexity of this case and the type of crime of which I was and am a victim, requiring safeguarding my identity.”he added.

Caniggia is not currently in the country: he was authorized to travel to Miami until next June 20.

As part of the “supplementary instruction” Prior to the call for debate, the oral court had asked the Evas Clinic, located in Marbella, Spain, “the complete medical records of the complainant, Mariana Belén Solange Nannis Silles in relation to all the treatments that she had undergone in said institution.”

“Once said documentation is obtained, the Council of the Judiciary is required to have expert experts verify whether the injuries presented by the victim in the photographs provided are related to any of the beauty treatments performed in said facilities in accordance with what arises from the required medical records,” the court ordered.

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