Sampaoli recalled his time in the Argentine National Team: “It was a fire”

Sampaoli recalled his time in the Argentine National Team: “It was a fire”
Sampaoli recalled his time in the Argentine National Team: “It was a fire”

Coach Jorge Sampaoliwho was in charge of the Argentine national team during the Russia World Cup 2018recalled that stage and explained that “it was a fire”but he was “with great enthusiasm”.

Sampaoliwho directed the Argentine national team between 2017 and 2018 and ended with a balance of 7 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses, was in the eye of the storm due to the weak performance of the “Albiceleste” in the aforementioned world where his team fell in the round of 16 against France.

“I take care of mine. Throughout my career, I always knew that I couldn’t take care of the joys and sorrows of the public. Neither when we win nor when we lose. Otherwise, I would be eating the film that the system “he proposes to you”he reflected in dialogue with the Spanish media Brand about his time in the National Team.

“It was a complicated process. The team was not that armed. We made efforts to put it together, but it didn’t happen. People believed that I could change the reality of Argentine football, and I didn’t go through that”he added.

In any case, he was self-critical: “I’m sure I made some mistakes and I had time to reproach myself.”

When asked about how he sees the Argentine national team post Messianalyzed: “He always has the ability to be competitive. He has very good players and this process has made him very strong as a champion.”

With respect to the current technician of the Selection, Lionel Scaloniwho during his time was a member of his coaching staff, said: “I wanted to help a former player who was beginning to participate in a project and nothing more. He, in my coaching staff, participated more than anything by getting closer to the player. He knew how to consolidate himself in a situation that was favorable.”

Sampaoliwhich left the doors open to the possibility of continuing directing in BrazilTo return to Europe or reach argentine soccerreferred to his departure from Flamengolast team in which he managed: “We got 70% of the points, but it wasn’t enough. In Brazil, if you don’t win you have to leave. We lost the final and we had to leave.”

Finally, he revealed where he sees himself in 10 years: “Hopefully in a different football, with a different leadership, but that is difficult. Football is increasingly short-term. But it is my passion and we will continue there. It is difficult to give up what you love.”

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