National team: No Reitz, no Goretzka: That’s why Can is allowed to go to the European Championship

National team: No Reitz, no Goretzka: That’s why Can is allowed to go to the European Championship
National team: No Reitz, no Goretzka: That’s why Can is allowed to go to the European Championship

Robust and uncompromising. These are the characteristics that are attributed to Emre Can. Shortly before the opening game, the door to the European Championship opens for the Dortmund player. National coach Nagelsmann has a goal in mind.

This personnel change comes as a surprise. In Emre Can, Julian Nagelsmann has brought a player into the European Championship squad of the national football team at short notice, a player he had previously ignored.

The national coach also has a plan for the home European Championship with the Dortmund player. The 30-year-old can probably fulfil this plan better than Aleksandar Pavlovic, who was ruled out due to an infection.

What does Nagelsmann hope to achieve with Can?

“We nominally want another number six for the squad. Not just for training, but also for moments when something happens,” said Nagelsmann. The national coach has evidently recognised during the preparation that the DFB team still needs a bit of robustness. What if Robert Andrich is tired as Toni Kroos’s partner or is suspended during the tournament? Then Can’s moment could come. The Dortmund player played his best international matches as a sweeper with a clear job profile. Nagelsmann has enough nice players in his squad.

Were there any other candidates?

Nagelsmann spoke publicly about Rocco Reitz. The 22-year-old was allowed to try out the training camp in Blankenhain and Herzogenaurach as a guest player, made a good impression and “deserved” it. But at the European Championships, experience and tournament toughness are important. Can has the decisive advantage here. He wants to have “a player who has already played a few games and who can handle pressure situations. Who could also be substituted without putting too much pressure on the player,” said Nagelsmann.

Why is Leon Goretzka left out?

Nagelsmann didn’t say a word about Goretzka, knowing full well that this would only have sparked more discussions. The Munich player’s ousting is final. He had already made that clear. Pavlovic’s absence did not free up a regular place. The 29-year-old is incompatible as a substitute, says the national coach. So Goretzka will continue to have a holiday in Norway instead of a home European Championship.

What’s next for Pavlovic?

Nagelsmann has already shown the unfortunate youngster the prospects. “He knows that there are still a few tournaments to come for him,” said the national coach. It is more important for the 20-year-old to stop the recurring tonsillitis. An operation, which he himself has already mentioned, is looming. Then he could recover, go on holiday and start training with Bayern earlier. A regular place in Munich would be the best application for a new start to his still short DFB career. The World Cup in North America follows in two years.

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