He was champion of America with Uruguay, played for River and now works in a municipality

He was champion of America with Uruguay, played for River and now works in a municipality
He was champion of America with Uruguay, played for River and now works in a municipality

Playing for great teams in your country and in the National Team must be the common dream shared by all footballers who came to play in the first team. As well as for those who never arrived. Throughout the vast world of football we find successful careers that could not be captured in the best way after hanging up the boots.

Born on September 24, 1965 in Durazno, Uruguay, Alfonso “La Gaucha” Dominguez He had a great career as a footballer between the 80s and 90s, he was even a player praised by Diego Armando Maradona. However today, 24 years after his retirement, the reality of the former Uruguayan defender is not the best of all since he has to “fight it” to be able to live.

What was Alfonso Domínguez’s football career like?

“La Guacha” started his career in 1985 in a big way in Peñarol de Montevideo. Over seven years with El Manya, the former defender won several titles with the club, such as two Uruguayan championships (1985 and 1986) and the legendary Copa Libertadores (1987). They were their good performances in Peñarol that led Domínguez to be a National Team player.

With the Uruguayan national team, the former defender had an outstanding performance. He disputed the 1987 Copa América held in Argentina (he was champion), the Copa America 1989 in Brazil, the Qualifiers for Italia 90 and the World Cup itself played in Europe.


It could be said that the ’87 Copa América not only marked Domínguez for being champion in that edition, but he also had to face one of the best players in the world: Diego Armando Maradona. In July 1987, Argentina and Uruguay opened the edition of the Copa América at the Monumental Stadium where Uruguayan Antonio Alzamendi scored the only goal of the close match.

“Domínguez was the only defender I faced who scored against me without hitting me,” were the words of Diego Armando Maradona after the game. That’s how it was, Domínguez did not let the Argentine star shine. According to the Uruguayan, Maradona’s words were helpful for his subsequent landing in the country.

His time at River Plate in the 1992/93 season was not so outstanding since the technician, Daniel Pasarella, didn’t give him too many chances. Although his stay was short, the Uruguayan won the 1992 Apertura Tournament.

During his stay at River, Domínguez lived moments with great players in the history of the Millonario such as Ángel Comizzo, Jorge Higuaín and Ariel Ortegaalso had the opportunity to see the beginnings of Marcelo Gallardo. “I had as a teammate Marcelo Gallardo, who celebrated his 16th birthday at the camp in Mar del Plata when we were carrying out the 1992 preseason. El Muñeco was just starting his career,” Domínguez recalled.


Despite having played for Peñarol and after his career at River, Domínguez packed his bags to move back to his native country to wear the colors of Nationalwhere he played between 1994 and 1996. In 1997 the former defender came to Hurricane Divingan institution where he hung up his boots three seasons later at the age of 35.

The life of Alfonso Domínguez after his retirement from football

In a talk with Infobae, the one who was once praised by Diego Maradona himself told how his life went after football. Today, at 58 years old, Domínguez works as a municipal employee in Durazno in the sports sector, in addition to running a neighborhood club. “I don’t have a good financial situation and I’m fighting it every day.”, he confessed. Furthermore, he added: “Our times are not like now. The little that one did must be maintained or improved. Unfortunately, this arises to survive.”


Domínguez explained how the economic situation in Uruguay affects former players: “The economic situation in Uruguay means that as former players we do not have a good apartment to live the rest of our lives in moderate comfort. Today, the footballer makes a difference in the first pass. I wasn’t lucky enough to have many transfers.. Furthermore, the little that one made, one eats, spends.”

The former defender also revealed details of his private life and how he went from being a footballer to fighting it on a daily basis. “I am in my hometown, in Durazno, working in the mayor’s office as an employee in the Sports part. In the afternoon, I conduct at a neighborhood club. “I am looking at the possibility of working for the Durazno senior team,” he said.

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