The three former Vélez players detained in Tucumán were released

The three former Vélez players detained in Tucumán were released
The three former Vélez players detained in Tucumán were released

Judge Sebastian Mariza made the decision to release Abiel Osorio, Braian Cufré and Jose Florentinthe three former players of Velez arrested in the framework of the case for sexual abuse in the province of Tucuman.

The soccer players, who were serving house arrest in a country in the northern province, will be able to return to their homes while the investigation lasts thanks to the determination made by Justice in the morning hearing that took place virtually. In addition, it was announced that there is a prohibition on approaching the complainant.

The three former Vélez players have the obligation to establish an address in the Argentinaappear every 15 days in the Courts of Tucumán and they will not be able to leave the country without authorization from the Justice.

For his part, the archer Sebastian Sosa Nor was he authorized to leave the country, something that his defense had requested because he had an offer in Uruguayprecisely from Miramar Misiones.

Last Tuesday, April 23, the club Liniers He made the decision to terminate the contracts of these three players involved, as he had done days before with the Uruguayan goalkeeper.

The institution chaired by Fabian Berlanga alleged that “The measure was adopted after an internal investigation, through an administrative summary, which determined that the aforementioned players incurred serious workplace misconduct, which grounds the termination due to their contractual ties.”

The incident occurred at the beginning of March after the meeting between Velez and Atlético Tucumán. Around 10 p.m., the young woman received the invitation through Instagram to appear at the Hilton Hotel.

According to what the young woman stated, she accepted and went to the place where she arrived at approximately 00:40 on March 3. When she went up to the room, where Sosa was already waiting for her, upon entering she observed that the players were also there. Cufré, Osorio and Florentínwith whom she shared a few cans of beer, then fernet and, after having a few drinks, she began to feel very dizzy.

“It was then that, without any consent, they sexually abused her. Later, at approximately 5:30 a.m., when she felt a little better, she managed to order an Uber and went home”the complaint says.

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