EM 2024: Youtuber Marvin Wildhage cheats on the sidelines

EM 2024: Youtuber Marvin Wildhage cheats on the sidelines
EM 2024: Youtuber Marvin Wildhage cheats on the sidelines

Before the European Championship opening match, YouTuber Marvin Wildhage sneaked into the Munich Arena disguised as the mascot Albärt. The punishment follows.

Web video producer Marvin Wildhage has been banned from the stadium by the European Football Union UEFA after his unauthorized video shoot before the opening match of the European Championship. UEFA confirmed on Monday that there had been “an incident involving a fake mascot costume” during the national team’s 5:1 win against Scotland in the Munich Arena on Friday. Three people had gained unauthorized access to the stadium.

Wildhage has published a long video about this. The YouTuber, who is popular on social media, gained access to the stadium using a fake accreditation and a costume of the mascot Albärt. Video sequences of the checks by the stewards can also be seen. According to the images, Wildhage managed to make it to the edge of the pitch hidden in the costume. At the end of the video, he reports that he was finally caught and taken into custody by the security forces.

European Championship fraud: Investigations against Youtubers underway

“UEFA has evaluated the situation and initiated the necessary organizational measures,” the umbrella organization said, without giving details. Investigative authorities are currently conducting proceedings.

Wildhage had already infiltrated the national team’s public training session before the tournament in Jena. He stood briefly – equipped with training clothes – at the edge of the pitch where the professionals were doing passing exercises. After the action, a DFB employee accompanied him to the stands. There, young spectators recognized him and asked him for an autograph.

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