EM: Niclas Füllkrug breaks fan’s hand and sends him a jersey

EM: Niclas Füllkrug breaks fan’s hand and sends him a jersey
EM: Niclas Füllkrug breaks fan’s hand and sends him a jersey

Injury with a happy ending? DFB striker Niclas Füllkrug has apologized to a fan whose hand he broke during warm-up – accidentally, of course.

Football can hurt – even in the stands. Kai Flathmann had to find that out. As “Bild” reports, the 43-year-old made the long journey from Bremerhaven to cheer on the DFB team at the opening match of the European Championship against Scotland. He had secured a seat in the front row behind the goal for the historic match.

And then came Niclas Füllkrug.

Joy after the game for Niclas Füllkrug (centre) and his teammates

All highlights in the video: Germany celebrates goal gala against Scotland

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DFB striker Niclas Füllkrug shoots fan into hospital during warm-up

The former Bremen player obviously didn’t have enough aim in him while warming up. Füllkrug missed the goal with a powerful shot and unfortunately hit the ardent Werder fan on the left hand – bang, broken. Flathmann is out of the European Championship. At least for the opening game.

“I sang along to the anthem on the stretcher. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: I had to give up my dream of playing in the opening match. But when do you ever get your hand broken by fullness?” Bild quoted the injured player as saying. How it even got to this point is questionable, however. At FC Bayern Munich games, nets hang behind the goals to catch sharply shot balls. It is unclear why the protection was removed for the tournament.

One thing is certain: Flathmann had to watch the goal spectacle, in which Füllkrug then scored to make it 4-0, on his cell phone in the hospital. He only left the clinic after midnight – without surgery, but with a cast.

Injured fan receives signed jersey as an apology – and will attend the second European Championship game

At least the 43-year-old can still get a taste of the European Championship atmosphere on Wednesday in the team’s second group match against Hungary. He will be there live in Stuttgart – hopefully this time without a target on his hand.

But it gets even better!

As the German Football Association confirmed on Tuesday in response to a request from the DPA, Füllkrug has reportedly contacted Flathmann. The apology package apparently included a jersey signed by the BVB star. A broken bone with a happy ending. And anyway: the cast will stay for a few weeks. The anecdote for the regulars’ table will stay forever.

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