Messi in home mode: his hobbies, his personal tastes and unpublished memories in an unmissable talk

Messi in home mode: his hobbies, his personal tastes and unpublished memories in an unmissable talk
Messi in home mode: his hobbies, his personal tastes and unpublished memories in an unmissable talk

While finalizing details for his debut with the Argentina national team in the Copa América, Lionel Messi He took advantage of his free time and went through the program streaming of his nephew Tomás Messi, Ready for Anything.

In a relaxed talk that quickly went viral, the captain of the albiceleste team He talked about everything, even that fateful elimination in the continental competition held in Argentina when the National Team, at that time commanded by Sergio Batista, was eliminated by Uruguay in the quarterfinals in Santa Fe.

“I remember that in the 2011 Copa América, in Santa Fe, they insulted me in all colors. “It was hard for me and the entire team,” Lionel started.

On the other hand, the Argentine ten confirmed that since the departure of Kun Agüero from the local team, in the concentrations “sleep alone”, and also remembered his demanding crosses with Sergio Ramos, when both were part of the squads of the Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

“He was the player I was most angry with. “Afterwards we were companions, but in the classics we always held each other,” shared the current player of the InterMiami.

Messi visited a streaming program and remembered how he met Antonela Roccuzzo

As expected, Lionel Messi He was consulted about his relationship with his partner and mother of his three children, Antonela Roccuzzo, and said the following: “I went to her house and I met her there, from a very young age. I always liked her. At that time she was called ‘friends’. Then, when I was 13, I went to Spain and we lost touch a little bit. Communication was much more difficult than now. It was through letters, emails or some landline calls, which were expensive internationally. Then we stopped talking, we became very distant. At 16 or 17 years old we met again, communication was much easier with messenger, we chatted there. We got closer again, we had not lost that feeling we had since we were kids, nothing had changed. At 19, 20 years old we already got married.”.

In addition, Messi He clarified that one of his pending issues is to know our country a little more: “I have yet to get to know Argentina more because I never had the opportunity and it is something that we always talk about with Antonella. I want to be able to visit it, which has wonderful places. “A lot of people tell me about places that I don’t know.”

Finally, in addition to confessing his passion for ping pong, Messi Clarified that to the trick “you play without a flower” and? What cannot be missing from a good barbecue is “an ice cream for dessert because I really like sweet things.”. Meanwhile, he recalled that as a child he watched a lot of national television: “I watched Onions, Chiquititas and Valientes, I don’t like the cartoons.”

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