Pink Germany jersey: most successful away jersey of all time

Pink Germany jersey: most successful away jersey of all time
Pink Germany jersey: most successful away jersey of all time

Despite initial criticism, the Germany jersey in purple and pink is becoming a best seller. It is sometimes difficult to get hold of, so anyone looking for one needs to be careful not to fall victim to a scam. Here are a few tips.

When the new jersey colors of the national team leaked out at the beginning of the year, “Bild” conducted a survey. The result: only 17 percent liked the Germany jersey. When the DFB officially presented the jersey in March, there was still grumbling on social media. But since the DFB’s victories against France and Holland at the end of March, the mood in the country changed, anticipation for the European Championship grew – and sales were apparently good. Very good, in fact: “The pink jersey is the best-selling away jersey in the history of all DFB jerseys,” Adidas now tells the star. And sold out in many places.

The away jerseys in the official colors “Semi Lucid Fuchsia” and “Team College Purple” are currently not available in the DFB fan shop. The sports department store Sport-Scheck, for example, currently only has the home jersey online and in its stores. Intersport dealer Thomas Grabert told SWR that he would have liked to have ordered more, but there were delivery problems. However, there are still some sizes on the Intersport website that can also be reserved in some shops.

Even at Adidas there are hardly any women’s sizes anymore

Anyone who wants to buy online and googles the Germany jerseys will see offers that are significantly higher than the original price. Particularly brazen: A seller on Amazon wants 250 euros for the 100 euro version of the jersey.

The selection of jerseys is still relatively large at Adidas itself. However, the pink jerseys for women are currently in short supply here too. And because of this, the small sizes of the Germany jersey for men are also in short supply. It might be worth checking out the stores. If you want a jersey quickly and have an Adidas store nearby, you can order online and then pick it up on site within two days. Adidas explained in response to a query from the starthe jersey is basically available and they are “in contact with specialist retailers regarding additional quantities of jerseys”.

Expensive fun: A Germany jersey costs up to 150 euros

The prices for the jerseys are quite steep: the standard jersey in the so-called fan version costs 100 euros. If you really want the original jersey that the players wear, you have to pay 150 euros. This then has the additional designation “Authentic” and is made of lighter and more breathable material. If you want flocking, i.e. name and number in the original design on the jersey, you have to pay another 17 euros.

Not only is this more expensive, the shirts cannot be exchanged and take longer to be delivered. Even the Germany jerseys for children cost a whopping 75 euros. One can only hope that the whole family is not addicted to football.

Beware of fake shops: Many fake websites during the European Championship

If products are scarce or very expensive, this often attracts fraudsters – here too. In connection with jersey purchases, two dozen suspicious shops were reported to the consumer advice centers in June. Important: You can also come across such fake shops again and again using a normal Google search. So if you come across an unknown shop, you should get an idea of ​​whether the offer is legitimate. Fake shops are now very difficult to recognize. In the past, it was enough to look for an imprint, which was usually missing. Today, many fraudsters fulfill all the formalities at first glance.

It is easier to type in the URL of the suspicious shopping website on the pages of one of the two large shop seal providers, namely or . Websites listed there have been checked. Good price comparison portals such as billiger.de or idealo.de also generally lead to a secure shop. (You can be completely sure if you check that the shop reviews there go back several months.)

Pink nightmare: No fake shop, but a fake jersey

The other big problem is product counterfeits. Unfortunately, Google also lists these as a matter of course in its search results, even among reputable suppliers. Currently, a shop often appears there that offers the most popular DFB jersey with the number 8 and the name Toni Kroos, including shorts and socks, for just 23.85 euros. That can’t be an original.

Suppliers of counterfeit goods are often based in China. In principle, it is not a criminal offence to buy counterfeit goods for private use. However, if customs confiscate the products, there is no compensation. Exchanges often do not work and you have to expect that the products will have defects – i.e. they will be sweaty or smell bad. They also do not necessarily meet local health standards.

Germany jersey: 11 euros to produce

By the way: The cost of producing a European Championship fan jersey is around 11 euros, explained sports expert Peter Rohlmann to SWR. At the moment, the DFB jerseys are certainly worth the money. But if the German national team is eliminated early, the prices for the official jerseys are likely to fall quickly.

Fans at the European Championship opening match in Dortmund at the public viewing. Many are wearing the Germany jersey from Check24

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