Gary Medel pressured the Boca coach: “I don’t like being on the bench”

Gary Medel pressured the Boca coach: “I don’t like being on the bench”
Gary Medel pressured the Boca coach: “I don’t like being on the bench”

The Chilean midfielder Gary Medel36 years old, put pressure on to be a starter in Mouth when highlighting: “I don’t like being on the bench.”

Medelwho recently returned to the club after 14 years, is one of the great “xeneizes” reinforcements for the Professional League.

With the stop America Cupthe Chilean seeks to get ready to join the main team of Diego Martinez and he already put pressure on the coach for the next game Argentine Cup versus Admiral Brown.

With the number 19 shirt, Medel He did not hesitate to put on the blue and gold, immerse himself fully in the world of Argentine football and begin his adaptation to the country.

Although he is among those summoned to travel to Mendozait is known that he will be part of the substitute bench, something that the player does not seem to like.

At 36 years old, Medel He will have to wait to fulfill his goal of being a starter on the team.

In an interview with The Boca Canalthe Chilean recalled his last experience at the club, where he was relegated without explanation.

“Coming here was at a time when they left me from one day to the next without knowing why they took me off the team and I got tired in that sense. I came here to compete”commented Medel.

The midfielder made it clear that his time is valuable and that he wants to be part of the starting eleven as soon as possible. “Coming to Boca motivated me, because of the giant club it is”he stressed Medel.

Your last experience in Vasco Da Gama of Brazil It was not to his liking and now he is looking to resume his career at the club where he played among 2009 and 2010.

How does Diego Martínez see Medel’s arrival?

Coach Diego Martinez go in Medel a valuable addition and noted: “I imagine it from what he can give us in defensive duels, in the intensity when it comes to recovering, perhaps it is a particular characteristic that the team does not have.”

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