Youtuber Marvin Wildhage takes on Uefa over mascot video

Youtuber Marvin Wildhage takes on Uefa over mascot video
Youtuber Marvin Wildhage takes on Uefa over mascot video

Youtuber Marvin Wildhage uncovered major security gaps with a video of himself as a fake mascot at the opening match of the European Championships. According to Wildhage, UEFA wanted to prevent the video from being published – but to no avail.

According to YouTuber Marvin Wildhage, the European Football Union UEFA has filed an injunction to prevent the 27-year-old from posting the video online in which he smuggled himself into the Munich European Championship stadium as a fake mascot. “We decided, of course, not to sign it, not to agree to it. That’s why the video came online,” said Wildhage in another video he published on Thursday.

A “high-ranking UEFA official” had already advised on site that the video should not be published because they would take decisive action against it, said Wildhage. UEFA was asked for a statement, but no response was received by late Thursday evening.

Marvin Wildhage argues with UEFA

Wildhage gained access to the stadium at the opening match of the European Championship between the German national football team and Scotland in Munich with a fake accreditation and a fake “Albärt” mascot costume. He published a long video about it, which has now been viewed millions of times. According to the images, the influencer made it to the edge of the pitch hidden in the costume. UEFA then banned him and two other people involved from the stadium.

The police had announced that the officers had subsequently confiscated fake accreditations, recording devices and the wrong “Albärt” costume. The investigators had “sensitized” UEFA to the incident, particularly with regard to the entry controls at the stadium for European Championship matches.

According to reports, the man from Lower Saxony has been reported for trespassing, fraudulently obtaining benefits and forgery. He said he did not want to comment on the matter, citing the ongoing proceedings.

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