A brilliant play and an iconic celebration: 30 years after Maradona’s last goal in the National Team

A brilliant play and an iconic celebration: 30 years after Maradona’s last goal in the National Team
A brilliant play and an iconic celebration: 30 years after Maradona’s last goal in the National Team

three decades ago, Diego Maradona He scored his last goal with the Argentine national teamon June 21, 1994, during the World Cup in the United States, in a match that had a special feeling for what would happen later when his doping test came back positive and he was separated from the rest of the squad.

This memorable goal occurred during the first game of group D, when they faced and defeated Greece by 4 to 0. Maradona, after arduous preparation in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, after overcoming a first episode of doping, found in that match an opportunity to redeem himself and shine again on the international stage.

Maradona’s goal came at a crucial moment in the match, when Argentina was already winning 2-0 thanks to goals from Gabriel Batistuta.

15 minutes into the second half, a brilliant play by Fernando Redondo, who triangulated with Claudio Caniggia and Maradona, culminated with a powerful left foot shot from ‘Pelusa’ that hit the corner.

Diego’s celebration, shouting from the depths of his being, was a reflection of his passion and dedication.

“Maradona came from several difficult circumstances and was returning to a world stage and I knew that they were going to try to stop him because of his quality, his charisma, leadership and everything, so he was a player who had to be taken care of,” recalled Arturo Ángeles, the referee. of that memorable match. His testimony highlights the importance and respect that Maradona generated among his colleagues and adversaries.

The match ended with a resounding 4-0 victory in favor of the team led by Alfio “Coco” Basile, with three goals from Batistuta and the unforgettable goal from Maradona.

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At that time, no one could foresee that it would be the last time that the national idol would score with the National Team, a fact that marked the end of a golden era.

A few days later, on June 25, after the 2-1 victory against Nigeria, the positive result of an anti-doping control for Maradona would be confirmed, with ephedrine found in his studies.

This event not only left him out of the World Cup, but also caused deep disappointment in the Argentine people. His famous phrase “They cut off my legs” symbolized the abrupt end of his participation in the tournament and the collapse of Argentine hopes.

Maradona’s last goal with the Argentine National Team is not only an indelible memory of his genius on the field, but also a moment full of emotion and symbolism.

Thirty years after that day, his legacy is still alive in the memory of the fans, reminding us of the greatness and impact of the ‘Ten’ in world football.

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