Guillermo Coria argued the controversial decision to exclude the No. 2 of tennis in doubles for the Olympic Games

Guillermo Coria argued the controversial decision to exclude the No. 2 of tennis in doubles for the Olympic Games
Guillermo Coria argued the controversial decision to exclude the No. 2 of tennis in doubles for the Olympic Games

“The decision was one hundred percent sporting,” said the captain of the Argentine tennis team, who confirmed Andrés Molteni and Máximo González as a duo.


This Tuesday, Argentina presented the team of tennis that will defend the country against the brick dust of the Paris 2024 Olympic Gameswith the absence of the number two player in the ranking in the doubles category, Horacio Zeballos.

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“The players always knew what the conditions were and unfortunately Horacio could not be in two important Davis Cup series. That’s where Andrés Molteni came in to play with Máximo González. “The decision was one hundred percent sporting and not due to external issues.”declared, in a press conference, the captain of the Argentine team Guillermo Coriaalluding to the fact that in September 2022, in a series of Davis cup In Bologna, both had a strong dispute in the locker room that, apparently, would have been clarified.

The “Wizard” added that Horacio Zeballos He understood the situation and considered the reasons, despite the frustration caused by missing the Olympic event. The number two in world tennis is a regular partner of the Spaniard Marcel Granollerswith whom he came to occupy the first position in the classification last May.

An absence of weight for Argentina

“I gave the explanations to the players and coaches, so that things were clear. It was not easy. Unfortunately Horacio could not be in two important Davis Cup series, which was when Molteni entered against Finland (in February 2023). to play with Machi (González). At Davis they have responded very well and they reaffirm it on the circuit.”he explained.

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In relation to the absence of Horacio Zeballos, Guillermo Coria He said that he decided it “using coherent logic”, a very controversial argument. The thing is that the man from Mar del Plata is number 2 in the world ranking and the last semi-finalist at Roland Garros, where the event will also be played in Paris 2024. During the press conference, Coria stated: “Everyone has what they deserve. It is my responsibility to make decisions.” Beyond the sporting merits, for the 39-year-old left-hander, there will probably no longer be a chance of a new Olympic Games.

The Argentine team was presented in an event that was attended by the president of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT), former tennis player Agustín Calleri, along with the captain of the women’s team Mercedes Paz.

The Argentine tennis roster for Paris 2024

In effect, the roster will be made up of four players for individual duels: Sebastian Baez (18), Francisco Cerúndolo (27), Mariano Navone (32) and Thomas Etcheverry (31). On the other hand, the pair for the men’s doubles will be those mentioned above. Maximo Gonzalez (20) and Andrés Molteni (18). Nadia Podoroska (65) and Lourdes Carlé (71) will be the representatives for the women’s singles, although there is a possibility that the promise Julia Riera (104) also ultimately enters the call, as commented Mercedes Paz.

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The winner of a gold medal at the Pan American Games in Mar del Plata in 1995 was excited about the women’s Argentine tennis team for that tournament that will be held at the Roland Garros stadium. “It is something that is unique, I think it is a beautiful experience and where the players have a totally different vision than the athlete in general. Olympism is the purest version of sport,” declared the former player who competed in three editions of the Olympic Games. The Olympic tennis match will take place in Paris from July 27 to August 4.

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