Copa América: Lionel Scaloni announced that he will rotate against Peru

Copa América: Lionel Scaloni announced that he will rotate against Peru
Copa América: Lionel Scaloni announced that he will rotate against Peru

The technical director of the Argentine National Team, Lionel Scaloni, confirmed that he will rotate players for the match against Peru, after the agonizing victory over Chile that secured them a place in the quarterfinals of the Copa América.

“It will be fair for the boys who haven’t played yet to play, because I want to see them and they deserve it,” he said.

During the post-match press conference, Scaloni He stressed that the victory over Chile was deserved “because Argentina made all the expenses. The game was not easy and was won at the least expected moment because it was going away. The team continued believing, attacking, even though in the last 10 or 12 they began to stretch a little further”.

When asked about the annoyance he accused Lionel Messi In the first half, he detailed: “I didn’t speak to Leo, but he did the last 50-meter race at the end,” implying that it may not have been anything serious.

Scaloni He also highlighted the drive of his team: “We must remember that the team always shows its face in some way. and always has the attitude of not giving up when the game gets tough. Today we did the things we proposed well,” and analyzed that A match this complicated “demonstrates the difficulty of the Copa América.”

Regarding Chile’s actionsScaloni He said: “It was more or less as I imagined, then there are some nuances. I knew that on Mauricio Isla’s side they attack a lot, but they also suffer a lot. In the last plays, when Nico González was no longer there, it could have complicated things for us.”

In addition, he recognized the work of the technical director of “La Roja”, the Argentine Ricardo Gareca: “It’s going to make things difficult for everyone. Chile is working very well, Ricardo (Gareca) is doing a great job, it’s a tough team. In the end there is no easy game,” he summarized.

“Chile played their game. It’s not easy to go out and play against a team like Argentina where the players find each other easily. They played their game and they did it well. We’re here for that in the changes, sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so much, but we always try to do what is best for the team and make people feel identified,” he added.

About how he experienced the development, the coach admitted:A little more tense than normal because the game was nice. The first half for me was good, until the 15th minute the game had not practically started and little by little we found our game and we finished the first half in the best way. The second was also good until the 25th or 30th minute, when we We had to decide what changes to make logically to win the game and we had a few minutes settling in and their situations came.“. And later he added: “The team always has that attitude when the game gets tough, they don’t give up and play the game they have to play. I think that if the game gets ugly the first thing we need to do is go out playing, play our football, but the team already has that incorporated.“.

When analyzing the match that the team played against Canada and Chile, he said: “They are different but what must be rescued is that The team always shows its face in some way. Today we did the things we planned well, Enzo Fernández, Nico González on the left, that went well and we played a good game. This shows how difficult this Copa América is and we are satisfied because Now we can enjoy a few days and make the boys who also deserve it play“, he anticipated about what is coming. “The next game is fair for the boys who have not played these two games to play, because I also need to see them and they deserve it,” he would later expand.


Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni stated that “We are growing as the Cup develops. I am satisfied with the level, although there are always things to correct. We are in a good moment and there are nice challenges ahead.”


As for Enzo Fernández, he contributed: “We saw that he is well and recovering, that’s why we gave him the opportunity to play. We will probably need him for the next games,” said the “Albiceleste” coach about one of the surprises in his approach, mainly due to the midfielder’s inactivity after having surgery for an inguinal hernia.

Explained the changes

He also explained about the change of the full-backs: “I looked for freshness, in Italian I think I said it, freshness… I’m already saying every word. The full-backs have done an enormous job, they are not logical changes it seems but they are part of the players of field, they entered well and gave him what he needed.

Regarding the dispute over the center forward position, he explained: “Both Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez have played together but There is a question of balance, today Lautaro scored a goal and the first happy person is him and the second is Julián. The third is me“. Then, he went deeper: “Every game I am going to put what I think is best, this time it was both of them but we always have to be balanced. I like a team that has a structure and it is not easy to have it with certain types of players, it is normal. “The debate will be all that remains of the Cup, for now they are getting it in and we are happy.”

He was also “happy” for Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, who “saved us twice,” and concluded: “We are growing as the Cup develops. I am satisfied with the level, although there are always things to correct. We are in a good time and nice challenges ahead.”

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